10 September, 2007

Back to Salik

The school holidays have come to an end; the summertime is over.

People are back in town, and the season has just started.

That means cars are back on the roads, and the routine has re-started, only that Salik is fully on the agenda.

What differences have you noted?

Only in the last few days, I see that Jumeirah Beach Road is busy at peak-hours, starting from Mercato onwards (heading towards Al Diyafah St). The "last free exits" are still as busy as ever, post-Salik.

Are the "alternative routes" getting more popular?


Miss World said...

I don't see that salik has done any difference.. its still just as crowded as people "pile" at the free exits.

wacky said...

The fact is, everyone is using salik during peak hours, thus creating chaotic situation as before. The only time majority of people using non salik route is during off peak hours - so the ambition is lost, and RTA stand to make its money !!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"so the ambition is lost, and RTA stand to make its money !!"

Perhaps that the main objective or is it?

Anonymous said...


keep it a sceret, u can become a billionair. Buy the whole lot yourself!

gowri is a penny stock pump and dumper said...

gowri -> hot stock tip!!! but this one "RTA" ... their revenue is going through the roof!


Was stuck in traffic for over 2 hours going from DIFC -> aeroBort ... missed flight. Still in sandland.

Harsha said...

Walking back home from a huge parking lot next to my building, I observed.. 9 out of 10 cars had the salik tag on them.

How is this helping?

Brian said...

Did anyone catch the article in the GulfNews today?... Al Tayer (chairman RTA) promoting Salik and saying...

1. Everyone sees it's a success now
2. Minority still oppose it because they don't understand traffic systems, have bad driving skills, enjoy breaking the traffic laws.
3. Alternative routes are crowded because of bad driving skills.

Of course! I guess I'm still stuck in traffic jams (and paying for it) because I'm an ignorant and unskilled driver. :(

Anonymous said...

Been driving to Dubai from AD several times this past week and it's almost as bad as pre-Salik. It's still a little better but I'm assuming things are going to get worse, not better.

Al Mulhama, The Inspired said...


I said it in Arabic; "Salik, 3aliq. Halik"

basically means flowing, stuck, doomed - but it sounds better in Arabic as it rhymes.

Well RTA have always said it's to pay for the bridges it wants to build... But then they turned it in to traffic!

So instead of bringing in a real estate school how about setting up a branch of a successful university in Urban & Social Planning?

Hello? Helloooo? is anyone out there?
hello? can you hear me?

I guess not.

Anonymous said...

Any idea what it is that the chairman knows that makes him an expert..and by corollary the rest of the populace idiots ?

ammaro.com said...

ok, so a few months later, how do you dubaians feel about it? not used to it? like it? dont?

Anonymous said...

Those people don't know the reality of roads. They're mostly driven by helicopter pilots to and from work. They rarely have to witness the insanity of Dubai's roads, even their brainchild - Salik.

If Dubai was a democracy, he would be ousted out of his position by now. SIGH

Anonymous said...

^^ If Dubai was democracy most of u wouldn't be able to live here.

Anonymous said...

maybe if they put up tolls on ALL of the ROADS at ALL of the interchanges, bypasses, sub-roads, junctions and then impounded all the cars and then put tolls on footpaths and people were made to wear salik tags on their foreheads (in the middle, an inch below the hairline)... just maybe...

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