20 September, 2007


Was jut curious about this article here:
In a bid to ensure people are paid on time, the Labour Ministry has said it will roll out an electronic wage payment system.

Labour Minister Dr Ali bin Abdullah Al Kaabi yesterday attended a presentation on the Electronic Wage Payment System, which aims to address complaints by workers that their salaries have been paid late.

What exactly does this mean? Is this a good or bad thing?

I suppose when you look at it, it's a good thing as its quicker, no checks to clear and its easy to montior. But are there hidden things that we could be missing? And who will it apply to?


Anonymous said...

y is it a bad thing?
Unless ur running a constrution firm and u dont get paid on time...ur screwed...otherwise this can only be good

Anonymous said...

well actually it could be a bad thing depending on who you're talking about.

When i joined the company that im working in right now, my sal was like 2500Dhs. THere was no way i could get my family here on that kind of money.You need to have a salary of at least Dhs.5000. My company however gave me a salary certificate that said that i had 5000 Dhs and this helped me to get my family in. If i was getting my salary through the bank, the books would have shown my real salary and my family would have to continue staying away from me.

Lirun said...

was the roll out done through a public tender with transparent evaluations so everyone could compete for the job and the government could be ensured the best system and the best price?

nzm said...

A system such as this is only effective if the companies have enough funds/liquidity to cover the wages.

Somewhere during the process and regardless of how automated they say that it is, someone has to approve the payments - and if sufficient funds aren't in the company's account, it can't be paid out.

Even with such a system, there's no guarantee that the workers are going to get their money.

What are they going to do then? Slap the offending companies with fines that they also won't be able to pay?

Just another pointless exercise which supposedly demonstrates a caring attitude, yet is still an impotent gesture - and makes some software company rich.

Lirun: Haha! :-)

I bet that if an RFP was even written for tender, it would be so heavily weighted in the favoured company's direction, that for any other companies to tender would have been a complete waste of their time to even fill out the RFP.

Anonymous said...

so anonymous u are going against the law? This is a crime and u should be arrested.

Anonymous said...

its harmfull for banks because of the little salaries as per labor, compared to the huge amount of service given to each labor due to illetracy.The banks can not charge each labor service fees.However,the burdens will be only on the companies were they have to pay up to 5 aed for each ATM card.
note: 5 aed/labor is not enough for banks to cover the headaches and costs, due to dealing with illiterate labor.

Anonymous said...

actually anon@20:23
My company should be penalised alongwith me for issuing a false certificate. This doctoring of the salary certificate happens in most companies.Its something the authorities know about.Just like they know about these companies keeping the passports of their employees.

Anonymous said...

I work in a small contracting firm and we have over 4000 employees on our payroll all paid through the bank. They haven't made an issue out of it till now, and with all the 'illiterate' labor working away in the mornings, the might not find time to interact with the gods from the bank.

And additionally, referring to human beings as labor which is basically a verb is also a sign of illiteracy. I pity your bank!

isvel said...


I was just recently offered a job in Dubai with an annual salary of 360000.00 AED a year; I guess my question is the following. It's that enough of a salary for a family of four in Dubai? Please help.


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