04 September, 2007

Facebook Down?

Has the facebook website been down for the past few days or is it just me?
I seem to be able to access the website but most of the content does not load, thus making it inoperable.

Just wanted to see if this is etisalat dirty hands at work or just my IT illiteracy ;-)


Anonymous said...

Facebook blocking has just started....as we were expecteing this thing to follow Orcut to the drains...
I hate this... I had just all my friends, family , connection sin there.....

Anonymous said...

well its about time!

Anonymous said...

here's what's happened:


Brian said...

I'm not sure where else to ask this question of the blogging community.. but does anyone else using Blogger.com have a problem with not seeing their posts until days after you've actually posted them? I have searched the blogger help and groups but can't find any solutions. Even now my blog doesn't show my latest post (http://padandpen.blogspot.com) but other people see it because they've commented on the post. Could a few of you check to see what the date on my latest post is? I only see Sept 1... but there is a Sept 4 post that I've got comments on. I still can't see Sept 4 post though.

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