04 September, 2007

For anti "Hijab"ies


al-republican said...

Nice post :)

Jazak Allah.

Veiled Muslimah said...
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Veiled Muslimah said...

Lol, Baba Alis videos are nice. He does a good job of explaining and tackling Islam-related subjects.

For more information about him: www.ummahfilms.com

And his other videos can be found at: www.ummahfilms.com/multimedia.html

Brn said...

That was interesting. It did seem strange that he would say not to judge those who are not wearing the hijab and then almost immediately spend a couple of minutes judging how properly some are wearing it.

It was also a good point about Mary and Nuns. But I hope he was just misspeaking when he said "Catholics and Christians", because this is exactly like saying "Sunnis and Muslims". Catholics are Christians - in fact, they are the largest single group of Christians.

SevenSummits said...

Well, I seriously doubt if anyone will be surprised that I am a huge fan of
Baba Ali’s and Mahdi Ahmad’s work. They are making a huge contribution by promoting and enhancing dialog, understanding as well as tolerance among different cultures and of diverse religious faith communities. Undeniably this will constitute a much better approach than all this fundamentalist hatred being promoted by some of the UAECB members. :- ( (not you Al –Rep :- ) ) This moderate Islamic methodology (which BTW is practiced by the majority of Muslims worldwide) will really help to bridge some of those misconceptions about Islam and obviously his humorous approach does get an international audience.

I hope that his message about “This is not Hijab” will get across to all those that are confusing religion with culture and will promote respect for those that are seriously “religious”.

Whenever I see those women in the UAE with half of their colored/high lighted hair sticking out, super tight Abayas, 500 USD shoes, excessive jewelry, bleached skin, plastic surgery noses, tons of makeup plus one of those “fu** me” lipsticks and on top of all being everything from modest, I just say to myself “this is not hijab” and besides it is an insult to Islam and all those that take religion seriously! (and I have respect for that special minority from every religion)

Damn, I you do not want to live a modest live (which I absolutely can understand, the majority of us don’t) and prefer to walk around in your designer clothes, please make a f**** stand and stop all this pretence. It is simply disgusting!

(Just like Turkish women in Germany that are wearing headscarves in combination with full make-up, no wonder the ordinary citizen gets confused and starts to see this as a cultural, but not as a religious symbol !!! – in the end, this is obviously hurting the wrong people)

Oh, yeah and while I am having a temper today: What gets me really pissed off is the fact that let us say at a scientific symposium in the region with usually very few Western women that are totally modest, concentrate on their work and do not were make-up or expensive clothes, some Arab male colleague will have the audacity to say, despite being confronted with the obvious facts: “Western women are really cheap!” Talk about serious disillusion!

Alexander said...

I would be so much more comfortable hearing these very (amusing) words spoken by a woman.

A 'sister'.

Wouldn't you?

B said...

This video will ring true for muslims who've simply forgotten everything in the mindnumbing and apathy-inducing world they live in.

I remember my islamic teacher encouraging me to think ethically about the teachings and interpretations: 'Why is this?'

Muslims call each other brothers and sisters based on being a family through Islam.

This video is not meant to be completely accurate -- this is a human being voicing his views in an entertaining manner -- but to strike home a message. Thinking about your religion and its practices. So no point poking holes in it.

Thank you so much for posting this.

Stained said...

nice video.....

Anonymous said...

I am so bored of hearing the debate about this over and over and over and over...

All of this springs forth from jack straws comments on asking someone to remove a veil covering everything apart from her eyes when speaking to him. From this action we have uproar all over the web, youtube and national press and TV.

Yet right this month millions of expat infidels working in the gulf region can't even take a drink of water or eat during the day, even if they are diabetic.

To be honest the hijab is nothing special to me. My grandma used to wear one whenever she went out to the shops and she was born in the countryside of Kent. On the other hand the burka is a weird thing and nothing will change my mind about this.

I am not claiming that it is enforced by men - its just a strange way to walk around your community. Hey if thats what someone wants to wear then fair dues - but covering your face and your hands is just weird to me.

Your free to wear it and I am free to think it's weird.

And I really do not know why a loving creator would endorse for one minute.

Anonymous said...

Tezak hamara

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