05 September, 2007

Singer Raja'a Bel Maleeh

Raja'a Bel Maleeh, a Moroccan singer with a huge UAE fan base, died last Sunday.

Raja'a, holding a UAE citizenship, was known for her popular "Khaleeji" (Gulf) hits, especially those written by the late President, H.H. Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

She was buried last Sunday after a long battle with cancer. She leaves behind a young son by the name of Omar.

She was only 45 when she died.

Courtesy Gulf News/pic Al Bayan (source)


khaled-ad said...

I loved her songs!

Kyle said...

May she find eternal peace at a place far better than where she fought a losing battle.


i*maginate said...

It was good to read your comments, khaled-ad & kyle - thank you both for the sentiments.

I pasted a photo I think was taken when she & I first met.

I can tell you, she is photogenic, but even more beautiful in character and physically, in person.

She touched my life - why, I don't know. And now she's gone, I remember even more what a lovely person she was.

If you'd like to read my personal reflection on her, please go to my blog www.desperateprincessdubai.blogspot.com

May God rest her soul in peace.

SevenSummits said...

My sincere sympathies, i*maginate :- )
May she rest in eternal peace …

MD said...

sevensummit, wow...you must be an asshole for the sense of humour you have.

Allah yr7amha.

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