09 September, 2007

An Emirati Versifies His Way to Glory

Abu Dhabi: After 10 weeks of enthusiasm and live competition, Abdul Kareem Matouk, a UAE national poet, bagged the title of 'Prince of Poets' on Friday evening at Al Raha Theatre in Abu Dhabi.


i*maginate said...

Thanks for sharing, DUBAI JAZZ. Interesting reading.

UAE ALIAS said...
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UAE ALIAS said...

He was amazing, I still think the guy who scored the second place should've won the 1st place... I think this guy won the 1st place only coz he is emirati.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

hi i*maginate, glad you found interesting... have you been following the contest?

UAE alias, I think that in terms of experience, depth and content Kareem deserves the title...although my own vote went to the bubbly Tameem!

i*maginate said...

Hey, DUBAI JAZZ, nope, wasn't following it, but had heard about the results before you had posted. Made interesting reading, spesh with the pics ;) Didn't actually have time to follow more! :)

Thx again.

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