27 September, 2007

RTA to be in charge of final Creek Extension Phase 5

Longtime reader, first-time poster here...

The Gulf News tabloid Xpress is reporting here that the RTA will be in charge of the final phase of the Creek Extension project which will extend from it's current place of behind the Metropolitan Hotel under SZR, beside the Safa Park, under Wasl Road and Beach Road, and finally out to the Gulf beside Jumeirah Beach Park. This final phase of construction will start in December of this year to be completed in 3 years.

Up until now Dubai Properties has overseen the project but the leadership will change for this final phase, presumably because the final stretch will disrupt so much traffic on these three major roads.

This is of great interest to me because the projected path of the waterway winds right past my villa. But the project in general should be a concern for all Dubai/Sharjah residents because three new bridges will be built on these ever-so-critical thoroughfares.

Do you think it's a good thing that the RTA will be in charge of the final phase? How do you think this project will affect life in Dubai and your commute to and from work or leisure activities?


Kyle said...

If I’m here three years down the road, I just might opt to work out of my pad instead of shuttling to & from work. I guess it beats getting stuck in a mad jam during rush hour.

As for weekend leisure activities, well tough luck to our guests that don’t show up. Guess, we’d be stuck with a lot of leftovers & booze – LOL

Paraglider said...

Now, if they would just do the job properly and ban all private motorised transport from the Creek-enclosed area of Bur Dubai & Satwa, they might have the makings of a decent inner city. A place you reach by abra and traverse on foot, bicycle, taxi or bus. I would live there.

nick said...

So according to Xpress the creek will extend under SZR, beside the Safa Park, under Wasl Road and Beach Road?

One shouldn't underestimate the RTA. Thank goodness they figured out that water doesn't go 'under' a road and instead plan to build bridges first.

Shame. I was expecting some serious flooding.

nick said...

Paraglider is thinking Venice or Hamburg?
On second thoughts they might just do that and rebrand it 'Dubai Island Village'.

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