09 September, 2007



Is there anyone out there who has an interest in visual art and has an opinion on Art in Dubai?? I haven’t been here that long but have found a few of the galleries. If anyone has a recommendation or a particular favourite or even some aspect they don’t like or want improved I’d be really interested to hear. In fact any comments at all about Art in Dubai in general would be much appreciated!!

Thanks a lot
Nature Strikes Back.


Halib Jamal said...

I recently enjoyed visiting the new show at the XVA, though as much for the ambience as the content. Have visited Third Line and am still needing to follow up on some of the others. Hoping that more galleries will spring up,however, perhaps to cater more for artists resident in the UAE. Other than that I sometimes enjoy the art of "old" and new buildings on the Dubai skyline, and the neon advertising alongside the redoubt of the Creek....

nick said...

Watch out for Green Art Gallery in Jumeirah on the road than connects Wasl and Beach roads immediately before Beach centre (a big box of a building with the blue neon strip lighting around the roofline).
They specialise in 'modern arabic' art.

Halib Jamal said...

Green sounds good Nick, thanks for that, and neon lighting too, sounds great. I am often impressed/interested as much by the art of the gallery, or the museum, and the gift shop and for that matter the toilets etc, as the art on the walls.....I see with the sale of Japanese designer handbags in one prestige gallery abroad (US..NY??) that the line between the art and its merchandising, and the art of merchandise, that the whole thing is going full circle...blah..Halib

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