03 February, 2008

By Amira Al Hussaini

Exclusive! - Middle East. "Internet Outage Enrages Bloggers" ;-)

" UAE: Syrian blogger Dubai Jazz, who lives in Dubai, is also angry with an Egyptian fisherman for the breakdown of Internet communications in the region. He writes: I couldn't do anything significant during the slow down. I couldn't even post comments on my own blog let alone others. Gmail was also down. Youtube? … forget about it. All this was because some extra-witty Egyptian fisherman has decided to drop his anchor deep in the Mediterranean. Not only he'd dropped the anchor so deep and hurt one of the cables supplying bites to the Middle East and India, he had also dragged his anchor for 400 meters and cut another main cable in the process. We could live with one cable cut, but two? That, in my standard, is unprecedented. And the fisherman is certainly demented. "

Arabica Report Middle East


hemlock said...

stories like these cast serious doubts on journalists today. either it is being suggested these are the best blogs in the ME and deserve a special mention for their profound and insightful comment (im not qualified to comment on that), or that anything that can be reported is being reported just so pages can be filled with text.

what is also interesting is the addiction / dependence of individual users who are fuming because they cant "blog". businesses fuming is understandable, but to not be able to check and delete your spam as soon as you get it... is a bit extreme!
when did people stop having lives?

Anonymous said...

Although unrelated to this post, but I guess telecome operators in the region are one of the biggest spenders when it comes to advertising. I was wondering, would it not have been more benefical to end customers like me when instead of bombardng me with messages day & night boasting about the services they provide, they had actually spent that money on upgrading their infrastructure. Just a thought :-)

Hemlock: I think we stopped living real lives they day television became a centre point of our lives. Internet only has worsened the situation. I guess all of us are guilty of it :-)

Kyle said...

Blogging is the new medium of journalism. That’s what being wired in this electronic-age is all about. So, to all those that think blogging (reading, posting) is a waste of time because they don’t have a life, I’d say you’re not aware of the Procter & Gamble philosophy ‘Life is a Continuous Learning Procedure’.

Dubai Guy: Long time no hear. How you been?

Kyle said...

It amazes me the way people work up a frenzy over a false rumor of Facebook getting blocked.

Yet, these same people have the audacity to turn around and criticize another medium of electronic exchange, which involves a debate compared to trivial exchanges on networking sites.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Thank you Hemlock,
Amira is an old friend of mine, she dos give me a mention every now and then for old time sake.
Editor is my co-conspirator; I'll be paying him a kick-back in a duffle bag later tonight, amount dependant on how much traffic this thing will have generated by then. He'll probably ask for more than the agreed rate since you've blown him up.

Then we'll all go to ground.


The Roc Boy in The Building.

Editor said...

The Editor is she ;-))...ops, so is Amira :-((

However, a comment on Editor's previous post may pay the debt!

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Ohhh, the editor turned out to be the fab lady in the red dress, how impressive!

Debt is paid!

hemlock said...

DG: for the very reason, ive avoided the temptation to keep a TV in my house :( dont want to waste my life watching RTA and OMO ads :D

DJ: hahaha... no, i wasnt specifically commenting on your part in the story... gulf news has a "uae bloggers" section, where sometimes really really insipid posts are published, and i regret following the links to those blogs. true it all depends on personal preferences, but if something is going to be distributed to masses, it needs to be worth it...
i was merely commenting on the general standards of reporting, and the loss of what journalism used to be.

as someone who's been blogging since 2003, i personally dont think blogging is either a waste of time, or something to be ridiculed. i just think addiction, of any kind, should be avoided.

it's hardly fair when people generalise exchanges on social networking sites as being trivial... or cast doubts on the credibility of those they dont even know... or to reply specifically to comments without having the decency to address the person they wish to communicate with... but then i guess they dont deserve to be taken seriously.

Kyle said...

Hemlock, sorry if I hurt your feelings, didn't mean to!

By the way, there's a lot more to TV than RTA or OMO ads. But I guess one has to have a TV hooked up to realize that!

Peace :)

Anonymous said...

Kyle: Wow, someone missed me. Also you have started using in your sign off message, I am really impressed ;-)

Well I am good, thanks for asking. Hope you are good too bro. Glad to see your blog too :-)

Hemlock: Lol @ RTA & OMO ads. Have you seen ads by etisalat & du? Or the ads by other regional telecom providers? :-)

Anonymous said...

Guys, let me have a word here: how did you know that the fisherman was Egyptian? :-)
Maybe he was just a visitor?

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