21 February, 2008

"Watch what you wear"

"A range of popular T-shirts that sold out in Dubai could land you six months behind bars if you wear one, 7DAYS can reveal. The gents’ garment has an offensive four-letter word printed on the front, in bright yellow. The slogan reads: ‘**** fashion, go punk’ and was printed across T-shirts being sold by clothing store Vero Moda.

Police have warned people to be careful when buying clothes with images and slogans on, in case they cause offence to certain religions and cultures.

A CID officer with Dubai Police said anyone caught wearing such a T-shirt could be arrested and referred to court. He told 7DAYS: “It is an indecent act and we would warn the person who wears it and the shop which sells it. If the person is caught wearing it a second time we would punish them by referring them to the court to decide the penalty.”

(...)The men were riding a motorbike when they were involved in an accident and taken to Rashid Hospital in Dubai. Staff there noticed the offensive shirts - which displayed an obscene image - under the mens’ jackets and complained to the police. An investigation was carried out and the men were referred to public prosecution. They were eventually found guilty in court and jailed."

It's about time such an incident was reported - the full article can be viewed here.


samuraisam said...

So the CID man says they'll give people a warning, yet Gulf News shows a case where people went direct to jail?

How the hell is it expected anyone understand/respect what the law is when the police can't even issue a clear statement on what the penalty would be?

...recalling the incident where people went ape-shit over clothing labels at Bershka-- I have to ask where is the municipality or whoever is supposed to be regulating what should be sold and what shouldn't?

Again, it's another case of a lack of interference by the municipality or whoever is supposed to regulate this stuff (and I suppose this way, you can't actually claim clothing is banned if it is still for sale).

This is pretty much the equivelant of the government turning a blind eye to what the responsibility of shops should be (so they appease culture A) and then deciding to get all uppity about shirts being worn (so they can appease culture B).

The responsibility should absolutely not lay on the consumer where legitimate companies selling legitimate merchandise are concerned; this situation represents a complete failure to inform both shops and consumers as to what is allowed and what isn't.

This situation is not straightforward, it is not necessary, and given the consequnces (6 months in jail), this is not fair.

the real nick said...

Nonsense, Sam.
Wheneveer something goes wrong there is a myriad of calls for the authorities to step in and forbid or not forbid something in more or less draconian manner, or calls for the media to condemn and criticise.
How about independent thinking and assuimg responsibility for one's actions?
Has this been completely obliterated by the cushioned life style or tribal rentier state mentality to an extent where people need to be told by the authorities what to do every inch of the way?

Just THINK before you wear a T-shirt that says F-U-C-K in an islamic country for crying out loud!

Kyle said...


I'm sure you meant FCUK, leaning towards the UK's French connection!

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

I saw a teenager once with a swastika on his t-shirt. A rather large one at that. I found it offensive, but did not consider that the police should have to come and give him a warning or jail him.

I think it's time to put some ol' school NWA music.. **** tha police! Oh wait.. I wonder if Virgin are selling illegal music?

In the States, smoke shops sell bongs and pipes and papers, etc. using them with controlled substances is illegal, but their sale is not.

Is this the same thing?

hemlock said...

what's on sale and what's being worn are two completely different things. considering thousands of visitors come to dubai simply to shop, you might want to buy something to take back home. while f*ck and or fcuk may be banned or disrespectful here, a lot of other countries dont really give a sh*t.

personally, i dont want someone being obscene in my face, but i wouldnt make a complaint about it either.

Proud Emirati said...

if people complain then there is a problem

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

people love to complain. this is middle eastern culture.. self-righteous all the way.

live and let live.

Proud Emirati said...

I'd actually call the ones who wear those stuff as self-centered because they didn't care that others might be hurt seeing those stuff.

i*maginate said...

Although I find these kind of slogan t-shirts offensive, whichever country I'd see them in, it's one thing wearing them so that they're visible and another concealing them - in the case mentioned above, the guys were apparently wearing them under their jackets, and presumably not visible until the hosptial staff saw them under the jackets.

This implies that even clothing that is not visible, such as undergarments, that can be deemed as offensive, is illegal.

dubai entrepreneur - great points. Snoop Doggy Dogg is hardly classical music, is it ;-)

ali900 said...

i agree with samurasiam on who regulates onto what we were and how is it sold!

FYI: its also sold in karama and there isnt nothing wrong in that so far. people buy it and wear it.

good point by kyle on FCUK... cause they have shirts which say FCUK everything but doesnt really MEAN it in that sence. ALSO well the people r in a muslim\islamic country so they SHOULD watch what they wear!!

there some messages in other languages which can be can cause profanity but how would you detect that?

azucenamaryam said...

The rude lude wear has gotten out of hand and Iam glad that they have decided to do something about it.

azucenamaryam said...

Let me add to the previous comment, I am so sick of seeing butt cracks, and cleavage, and really big fat chicks with hamburger rolls posing as stomachs need to be the ones to have mercy on our eyes. Today, I saw and old Russian dude pull up his shirt as I was crossing the street and I thought his past was about to fall off they were so low! What do I say to my little girls? It's a stripfest? It's more like a Freaknick to me. Yuckkiees!!!!

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