26 February, 2008

What's Happening to my Favourite Camping Spot?

We camped last weekend in an area NW of Dhaid near Falaj al Moalla in Umm al Quwain. Driving across the desert we came across a bunch of site offices and a huge pile of rebar in the middle of nowhere. In the morning we spotted a group of surveyors with their theodolites on the crest of one of the nearby dunes.

Looks like another beautiful part of the wilderness is about to be dug up to make way for yet another development that no one wants or needs. *sigh*.

Any one here know what is happening out there?



the real nick said...

Hold on a second, I know what's happening out there.

They are building something!

Worry not, there's still an awful lot of sand out there to camp on.

Kyle said...


We've never camped in that perimeter but it's worth a try.

Well, you ought not to be alarmed. First, it was islands in the sea. Now, it's an island in the desert.

Next, you know they'd been considering islands on the Hajjar mountains.

Absurd & ridiculous, I know. But, hey, just as long no one gives a jack, who cares except the dwindling number of environmentalists.

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