21 February, 2008

"Internet access to be liberalised"

That's what a headline in Emirates Business 24/7 says.

What the story really says is that instead of the blanket blocking of entire sites such as Facebook a new, far more sophisticated, system will be put in place by the TRA that will only block sections of sites.

The report says: "...sections of social networking websites such as Facebook that encouraged dating would be banned... but the rest of the site would be accessible.

The new system will apply throughout the UAE, including the free zones and will be announced, they say, by the end of the year.

Story is here.


Proud Emirati said...

After Etisalat complains about the different of treatment and the proxy TRA said that they will implement a common rule for both if them but they didn't specify whether there will be proxy for both or if they are going to take off the proxy.

Brn said...

I want to know why Du has not been using the fact that its "software is not as effective" in blocking sites as a selling point. Surely this would have been a great selling point?

DUBAI JAZZ said...

If it's gonna make the connection faster, I am all for it…

Cruel Angel said...


Is that wrong?

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