24 February, 2008

Mile High Tower to Surpass the Deathspire?

Maybe, if Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal gets his way:
Kingdom Holding Company, controlled by Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, plans to invite contractors to submit bids before July to build the world's tallest tower in Saudi Arabia, reported our sister publication Meed. The Mile High Tower, which could reach 1,600 metres in height, is to be built in the Red Sea port city of Jeddah and may cost up to $10bn. The Mile High tower could be twice as tall as the Burj Dubai, Meed said.


the real nick said...

I'd prefer the Mile High Club to Mile High Tower. Anyday.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

It was quite expected….

But why in Jeddah? I guess there would ultimately be another world tallest tower in Riyadh, built by one of the big royals.

Female Chauvinistic Pig said...

Just a thought: the limit to my comfortable existence in multistorey buidings is at the third floor. Not higher. No way.

Feel sorry about the innatural existence of the people giong from 0 level to 1000mtrs a couple of times a day - imagine the blood pressure pro0blems they are going to get a couple of months later. Horrible headaches, weakness, difficulties breathing, accumulated tiredness and stress.

I grew up at the bottom of Tien Shan Ridge and I know what a difference in 1000 mtrs altitude make to your body. You feel it when you are 30, you suffer it when you are 40.

EmiratesMac said...

Then there'll be a two-mile high tower in Dubai soon after ;-)

Lirun said...

sounds like the tower of babylon..

Brn said...


That is a really great point that never occurred to me. I know that when I went to Denver (altitude 1600 meters) for a conference, I and most of the other attendees had a horrible headache for about three days until we adapted to the change in altitude. I can't imagine that it would be healthy to have to go through that adjustment daily.


Too true: I guarantee that there will be lots of different languages spoken at the construction site ;)

MD said...

It's insane. But then, that's old news.

Lirun said...

i just hope that they dont totally destroy the red sea's delicate environment..

eilat and aqaba and to some extent taba coordinate environmental issues quite closely.. but plastic bags and other litter from the saudi coast are said to often wash over with the current..

the red sea is a wonderful part of the planet's heritage.. hope that is taken into consideration..

Anonymous said...

I always wonder, why we don't see Western economies competing with each other to build tall buildings. Is it because they have less money or are they convinced that their hazard far out weighs their benefits. Any ideas?

Lirun said...

i dont like tall buildings..

they attract too many people to one spot.. wreak havoc on the traffic.. are dangerous.. destroy the natural skyline which is typically the most beautiful.. and plainly look arrogant..

but it doesnt mean that i cant admire the architecture :)

BuJ said...

lol@babylon ya lirun!

did u read that book i told u about ages ago?

Abdullah said...

When the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was asked by the angel Jibreel about the signs of the Hour (The day of Resurrection), he said, "from its signs will be that the barefoot, destitute, nearly-naked shepherds will COMPETE in the building of tall buildings". When he was asked by the Companions about who these people were, he (peace be upon him) said, "The Arabs!"- This is an authentic narration inshallah found in the book of Hadith 'Sahih Al Bukhari'.

Lirun said...

hey buj

:s sorry mate i have been busy reading about the jews of sudan..


email me

BuJ said...

hey lirun.. what did u find about the jews of sudan?
you still have to read that book!

BuJ said...

ps: wouldn't it be cool if they build a 2km tower in tel aviv? that would really burn dubai's (golden) goat hehehehe

Lirun said...

dude.. ill read the book - for sure..

been learning heaps but ill post on that sometime soon on my blog..

now about that tower.. im quite happy for dubai to have a taller tower than us.. :)

rosh said...

lol @ "dubai's (golden) goat" - that's hilarious! :)

BuJ said...


I love playing the devil's advocate.

I bet you the israelis won't do it on "security" grounds, plus they have enough towers in NYC :p

rosh said...

"plus they have enough towers in NYC :p"

hahahahaha! You are just the devil!
.....but, true that @ NYC :)

However, quite honestly, the constant, biggest, largest, widest etc, about Dubai in the media(especially here in North America) does get people talking, and "questioning" as to what really is happening there? In this context, I think there can be a thin line between, brilliant & questionable/worrisome.

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