16 February, 2008

Ski Jebel Hafeet?

Has anyone heard anything about this?

Controversial plans to build an indoor ski slope on the highest peak in Abu Dhabi are being considered by local developer Tamouh Investments, as part of a major mixed-used development...

The project is controversial as it will radically alter the appearance of Jebel Hafeet...

Although the scheme will use the natural slope of the mountain, it will still require substantial work to alter the profile of the mountainside.

The developer hopes that the ski slope will meet criteria for Olympic events, creating a year-round training facility for top-class skiing.

The whole article is subscription only, but a copy of it can be found elsewhere.

I'm already on record at my blog that Jebel Hafeet should be left alone, but this seems beyond belief.


DUBAI JAZZ said...

Talk about copyright infringements…

Lirun said...

is there a nature conservation movement in the UAE? and if there is has it protested yet?

nzm said...

Noooooooooooo. ;-( Leave Jebel Hafeet alone.

If anything needs to be done to it, it needs a decent restaurant at the top and some nice picnic areas where people can sit and enjoy the view.

The beauty of the place comes from the natural surroundings, not anything that was created by man.

nzm said...

Lirun: petitions can be signed, letters can be written and everything that the " ordinary people" want will be ignored in favour of grandiose and OTT developments. As far as conservation, there are small pockets of people trying to do their best but they are so few among the uncaring hordes.

So much fuss about the creation of "green" cities when the rest of country is creating havoc with the environment. It's all out of balance.

Do you know what the most conservative creatures are? The camels. In the wild, they are peripatetic grazers and eat only a part of the greenery on plants and leave enough for the plants to recover, so that they have something to eat later on if they return that way. We should learn from them.

Bahrain Taxi said...

Completely mad. Lets hope this doesn't happen for all our sakes!

ali900 said...

i like hafeet the WAY IT IS - keep it the way it is... WE have a ski dubai so there... still love the track on the way to the top.

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