05 February, 2008


On the occasion of the events in Gaza I in the name of my UAE local friends, the Arab Muslim brothers /sisters and anybody who is in the side of Gaza would love to start a week of support Gaza on UAE community blog. This blog represents the UAE community and my local community of mine has 100% compassion with Gaza.

The reality in Gaza:

Kids of Palestine:

Israel busted by CNN:

ِFor Israel I say: Over the history the real owners of the land always what is theirs back. You don’t take over someone’s land and treat them like that and expect them not to fight back!


samuraisam said...

a few points...

a.) Don't turn off commenting

b.) Do you read the papers? Are you aware that the very technology that provides the internet is on the verge of collapse in the Middle East; do you think putting 3 embedded video's puts your point across any better than just having 1?

c.) from the first video: "you have 14-25 people living in a space", sounds a lot like sonapur doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

In the 1st place!!! Whose land is that? The big Question!!!

2nd Question, such a small nation of Israel can withhold de whole arab attack? Is there Divine's power?

Proud Emirati said...

The UAE is a friend of the Palestinian and consider Israel as an enemy. Enough said !!

nzm said...

Proud Emirati: Tell that to the Dubai Diamond Exchange, DP World and the government, all of which means that these transactions have the approval of the top man in Dubai.

Proud Emirati said...

Jewish? Israeli? UAE? Dubai? Dealing with companies? Political Relation? aren't you mixing all those together? Anyway, I salute u for having the time to search for all those links to post them here.

CG said...

I couldnt see anything. must be the anchors still dragging across the bottom of the sea.

the real nick said...

Bravo, Alias, mabrook!
I didn't expect anything less from you than blinkered bigotry but you certainly outdid yourself.

Kyle said...


What does that mean?

Are you in Gaza?

No, you’re not.

You’re living in the comfort of your home fueling emotions with words instead of action. And the action, I’ll tell you is not with guns or bombs or empty words, it’s through talking, negotiating, accepting, and living in harmony & peace.

So, no, you’re not with Gaza because if you were with Gaza and if you really, and I mean REALLY cared, you’d not be posting empty childish words of support and grabs of CNN videos.

Sorry, you don’t get my vote on this one.

Lirun said...

if you would like to talk about a seige have a look at what the region has done to us :) and note that it commenced way before the 1967 war..

fun and games against israel

you should also note that we are no longer in gaza.. and that the qassams hailing on our houses did so while we there.. while we pulled out and have continued for two years since.. well before we stopped supplying those who bombs us with fuel..

you should also know that when you donate sewage infrastucture to the gazans for public health and sanitation that it wont help.. when jordan was so kind - the piping sooner than later turned into rockets that desecrated jewish homes across the border..

nice of you to be with gaza..

interesting that you continue to buy so many of our inventions.. and that you most probably use cell phones - computers with microprocessing chips - integrated billing solutions - sms - digital voicemail - advance microsurgery techniques etc etc..

to the best of my knowledge qatar has trading relations with us.. btw..


Lirun said...

i have to add that let there be no doubt - i am truly sad for th gazans..

we cant fight hamas for the palestinians.. because it wont be seen as legitimate.. but any resistance by the palestinians is violently smashed by hamastanis..

hamas signs a truce with one hand and launches rockets with the other..

i am very sad for the people of gaza.. i went to a charity dinner in jerusalem last month to raise money for medical equipment for gazans..


Brn said...

You might also want to hear an Egyptian perspective on the current situation.

I thought the link to this story was especially interesting:

Proud Emirati said...

Acting like victims already Lirun? You are not supposed to be Palestine in the first place. The Europeans weren't famous of their hospitality toward you but that doesn't give u the permission to settle in others land then claim that it is urs. So my suggestion is to go to the countries u and ur fellows have immigrating from since the 19th century until now.

nzm said...

Proud Emirati: it didn't take me long to find those links - all I had to do was google israel+uae+dubai and take my pick.

Are you telling me that the Arab owners of those companies will overlook their supposed political hatred of Israel in order to make money from/with them?

How convenient.

I would have thought that any person who so strongly believed in his convictions would not be able to be "persuaded" into selling out.

Unfortunately when there are people like you on both sides, there will be no change.

I'm sure that if UAE Alias bothered to find out, he would discover people in Israel who feel just as strongly about resolving the issues around Palestine, but the powerful, destructive forces who actually like that the area is in conflict prefer to keep it that way.

In the words of Sh. Mohammed who was inviting the Arab world to look forward in order to progress: "change yourself or you'll be changed."

LDU said...

Seriously, although this whole Israeli occupation of Palestine may fuel emotions and show that there isn't many ounces of justice left in the world, it will sooner or later come to an end.

The modern Republic of Ireland was a result of Irish resistance to English occupation.

India today is a result of the Ghandi led resistance to the British.

Algeria today is a result of geurilla resistance against the French's Fourth Republic in Algeria.

Discriminatory laws in the US were scrapped as a result of the Civil Rights Movement and resistance.

The white government in South Africa dismantled as a result of the resistance, in which the terrorist Mandela played a big role.

If we are to follow the trends in recent modern history, and put Israels occupation and apartheid of Palestine into perspective, Israels fate is no different than previous oppressive regimes. And when the time comes, the Palestinians will have their land back.

Lirun said...

proud emirati - very cute that you assume that i am european.. and that i dont count alongside israel's continuous jewish population or for that matter the hundreds of thousands that were persecuted by muslim regimes and fled for their lives to the one place that would take them in..

how convenient it is to blame israel unilaterally without the entire region remembering how it stuck us into dirty salty nieghbourhoods of land that was good for nothing only to then credit our industriousness and prosperity with the hosts' suposed good treatment..

we have survived your regimes.. and have survived your boycotts.. the question is whether you as countries can survive your own as we continue to strengthen and develop just as we always have..

as nzm said - many of us want this conflict to be resolved.. in fact our present government won the election on the platform of land for peace.. this is an unequivocal statement of my nation;s collective will to achieve peace with palestinians..

i would like to see any other country concurrently absorb hundreds of qassams into its homes and schools during the very process of returning land an during the very process of concluding a truce (including after it commences!!) and be told that it is cruel to not recognizing that its safety is assured if it only deliver "justice"..

the worst part is that you guys could do soo much to teach the palestinians how to establish a state.. my fellow alumni from overseas universities flooded your financial institutions and regulatory bodies drafting state of the art frameworks for your benefit.. you - more than anyone - know how to create an instant regime.. you have money pouring out of your noses.. so much so that you decide to arrogantly reshape the earth you live on!!

come on guys.. get real.. and if you really care switch off the pentium chips.. i cant stand to think that my country is benefiting at your ideological expense..

wishing you a wonderful wednesday..

LDU said...


To get to the core of the problem, mass immigration of European Jewry to Palestinian territory broke hell, didn't it?

The Palestinians paid for a crime they didn't commit. You make it sound like the Kassam rockets are a one sided story.

What about the Palestinians in Israeli dungeons who have no legal proceedings?

What about the confiscation of Palestinian farms and property? Where all these property are handed to Jewish settlers.

What about the ongoing construction of settler residences on Land?

What about the changing demographics of East Jerusalem, where thousands of Jews are being moved to, in order to undermine in future Palestinian sovereignty?

What about the frequent demolishing of Palestinian homes?

The thing here is, Lirun, that the Palestinians aren't a violent people by nature, the Kassam rockets and suicide bombers, and Hamas and Islamic Jihad are all a result of the mistreatment of Palestinian people by the Zionist entity.

Kyle said...


No matter how hard you try, you won’t get your point across. Attribute it inherited hate and misconceptions.

Besides, you can only debate with someone that truly understand Rodney King’s memorable phrase ‘Can't we all just get along?’

Cheers :)

Lirun said...

ok lets do it this way..

IDU - email me your phone number and we can talk about this.. there is not point exchanging 567890 draft submissions that rebutt eachother's points - sadly (as much "fun" as it might appear to be) time is to short..


but what i will tell you is that palestinian hostilities commenced well before the mass immigration.. and that the lands settled were legally and fairly sold.. but thats another story.. so get in touch and we can chat buddy ;)

Lirun said...

ps i whole heartedly trust you used a mac II (or some other pre-pentium powered machine) to make the last comment.. wouldnt want you supporting the zionist regime..

by the way instead of cell phones i hear that paper cups connected by strings work wonders..


rosh said...

"Attribute it inherited hate and misconceptions."

Kyle - respectfully, it was not ALL "inherited". What makes you think it's all INHERITED? Do you think a child in the Arab world is born with inherent dislike/hate for Israel & Jews? Americans, in general, for sure have a limited perspective on Arab world sentiments.

Lirun - though I agree with some of Idu's sentiments, no one party is to blame for the larger section of this human life & freedom lost over the decades. There is right & wrong on both sides.

Personally, I support a two state solution - however, Israel (not just individuals like yourself), can do more - because, Israel is powerful in the world stage, be it the economy, weaponry, modernization, education - almost in every way. As an individual, your thoughts & actions, is what the region needs in abundance (that's what I think).

There has to be peace, we live only for so long - when time's up, there really is no Israel or Palestine - just people & souls perhaps.

Kyle said...


Probably, you got my concept of ‘inherited’ all twisted-up & wrong. Under no circumstances, did I imply that a child was born with a hate syndrome but rather, they get poisoned at a certain age. All because of their earlier generation’s failure/inability to talk, negotiate, accept, and live in harmony & peace.

Americans, in general, for sure have a limited perspective on Arab world sentiments.

What do you mean by Arab world sentiments, and what exactly are those sentiments? How different or in what way special are they when compared to humans in general and inhabitants of the rest of the world? And what exactly does this have to do with Americans, in general, and their limited perspective, as you say, which I don't appreciate.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame others, I blame us the muslims for the current mess we see in the middle east today. And we will never get out of this mess using violence.

Emotions aside, I feel that not all Palestinians are angel & I also believe that not all Israelis are evil too.

Why cant we live in peace with each other? We muslims proudly boast that Islam means peace, but do we really implement it in our lives?

Everything will start solving automatically the day we start implementing what we so proudly stand for.

Many of my muslim friends will call me a coward, but friends I prefer cowardice over the spilling of innocent blood on both sides fo the conflict.

May our Creator give wisdom & courage to both parties of the conflict.

rosh said...

"Under no circumstances, did I imply that a child was born with a hate syndrome"

It seemed you did - if not, I take back the assumption/comment.

"but rather, they get poisoned at a certain age." "All because of their earlier generation’s failure/inability to talk, negotiate, accept, and live in harmony & peace."

How do you get to this conclusion that almost everyone from the Arab world (including non Arabs), have been or inevitably shall be poisoned? What is your basis for that statement? Currently, you live in one of the safest & harmonious places in the world - the UAE, does that not tell you something - anything?

"And what exactly does this have to do with Americans, in general, and their limited perspective, as you say, which I don't appreciate."

By no means, is my comment directed at all Americans. As a foreigner who had an opportunity to work & live in America for several years, I have immense appreciation for positives the country has to offer. Unfortunately, I have also experienced some intense ignorance & empathy (pretty much across the board) especially, on a part of world I was raised.

Lirun said...

rosh.. ur final statement is the ultimate truth.. thanks for the words of support.. (u r allowed to use a pentium hahah) i know that you know that i am NOT anti-palestinian..

dubai guy your voice is the most important.. our region suffers a fundamental breakdown in trust.. not only do we not trust eachother but we often dont trust ourselves and our own..

speaking out for peace and harmony is not only brave but it also the only way to show the other side (ie my compatriots) that the arab street is one we can live with under true salam and shalom..

i think the truest friend of any palestinian is the one who seeks that they live in peace..

rosh said...

"not only do we not trust each other but we often dont trust ourselves and our own.."

"i think the truest friend of any palestinian is the one who seeks that they live in peace..:

Honest & wise thoughts Lirun. It's quite strange, everyone "wants" peace so bad - very few are willing to take that effort to have it?

Lirun said...

let me give you a few links to show you some remarkable projects.. but rest assured there are many many many of these.. the grass roots peace movement is growing..

Jerusalem Peacemakers
Peace Players
Peace Child Israel
One Voice
Heart Beat

and i have met the leaders of each of these and there are so many many many more..

DUBAI JAZZ said...

This is called internet activism. UAE Alias might be doing some other charity things for the Palestinians in real life that you would know about.

Actually I think it's quite commendable that UAE Alias posted this, this defies the general stereotype that young Emiraties are spoilt and apathetic toward the politics of the region.

Lirun sounds like a nice guy. And it seems that he's genuinely interested in promoting peace in the region. But alas, he's one in a million. 70 % of the Israelis (according to reliable polls) answered with 'no' on the question of whether Israel should give the Golan back to Syria in exchange for peace.

This thing is quite complicated and intertwined that only a divine intervention can solve the issue.

Proud Emarati: I am proud of you bro!

Proud Emirati said...

Well said LDU

BuJ said...


To J.K.Rowling, Paulo Coelho, and all the other great authours out there.. be careful.. coz this Israeli Government Spokeswoman means business! If she starts to publish her fictional works then she will wipe Harry Potter and all the other fantasy books off the face of this earth.

Proud Emirati said...

Oh, yea, what about those 6 million Palestinian refugees living all over the world. If you are seriously seeking peace, would u accept letting those refugees go back to the villages and towns ur grand father kicked them from pre 1948 in what is now called Israel? Most of the Israelis would say no which is another proof that Israelis do NOT want peace.

Lirun said...

proud emirati

they wont let me back into those they kicked us out of my friend..

this is a very one way request..

my family had homes it owned that were burnt to a crisp.. my grandmother's sister escaped with her pyjamas alone..

BuJ said...

On a more serious note, with fiction aside, the main point of this post is simply that unilateral collective punishment is not on. Especially when this collective punishment:

a) does not target the people attacking israel all the time.

b) is not proportional to the attacks on israel.

There must be better ways to deal with the Qassams than to demolish civilian buildings and burying innocent people inside.

However, people are going left right and centre with their emotions (from both sides).. and forget that sometimes a spade is just a spade.

Lirun said...

i believe that thisis a deal that israelis would accept.. btw

honestly - i believe our conflict is resolvable.. i dont believe its a genuine arab israeli issue.. and if the world wasnt so comfortable with the stupid israelis and arabs fighting over there in the middle (whats is it again?) east (or west who cares?) then we would have peace..

and this is why we need smart.. educated.. moderate.. sophisticated worldly people like the arabs of the UAE to play a more active role facilitating the process.. the average israeli isnt aware of your general approach.. we live in a fortress and the "boycott" against us has made us comfortable with ignoring your qualities..

there is so much you can do to bridge our divide.. i wish your leaders would seize the opportunity.. i know al qaida has given morocco a hard time for trying to do just that.. roadblocks everywhere when you travel through that wonderful country.. but its a stupid fear.. because once we pass these hurdles of trust - our potential is limitless..

and dubai jazz.. dude.. not one in a million.. but rather a majority constituency.. as documented by a modern election system my friend..

go have a look at the following link..

one voice

over 300,000 israelis and a similar number of palestinians all saying two states.. and end to the conflict and peace..

and this is just one petition.. i know the president of this organisation and i have faith in its authenticity given how long i have followed their development and activities and so the best i can do is urge you to sign up as well.. make your voices count for peace..

Lirun said...

buj - how is the qassam storm not collective punishment of israelis? how is the daily destruction of israeli homes by rockets not the same? i fail to see it..

i want it to all stop.. but dont see how you can justify pointing the finger our way..

even brokered truce agreements with hamas didnt stop hamas from firing qassams.. we have no one to talk to..

which is why the grassroots voices must get louder.. clearly leadership is failing.. on both sides..

if my government cant protect me from qassams no matter where i choose to be in my country.. then it is failing its duty to keep me safe - under international law..

BuJ said...

Lirun :)

Qassams are collective punishment too.

By the way, very rarely do you hear an Israeli mentioning Israel's committments under international law, which clearly is a journey on a two-way street.

Lirun said...

yalla ruh nam ya habibi.. ana taaban.. :)

Kyle said...


Look, don't take my words out of context and generalize them. Everything I've written here addresses the Gaza situation and not Arabs in general. So read carefully, understand my words before you jump the gun at me. My comments have nothing to do with Arabs, in general, but those in Gaza who are refusing to talk and coexist in peace.

BuJ said...

Kyle, by the way, I would like to point out that the people in Gaza have been treated like cattle even before the Israeli withdrawal. Their women were dying on checkpoints as they were refused entry to Israel to deliver. Their borders are sealed, air, land, sea. I remember not so long ago there used to be Dubai>Gaza flights. Of course this is history now.

Let's see things with a bit of perspective. I'm sure if the playing field was levelled a bit then the Gazans might be a bit more hospitable.

Man, I even read the National Geographic and they called Gaza a 7 km x 1.5 km prison (or whatever the area of it is).

Lirun said...

buj - in case uve forgotten.. gaza is ruled by an organisation who's charter seeks my country's destruction..

do u think we owe them medical services and free passage..

do i have free passage into countries that have declared me an enemy? i dont think so.. in fact it is true that several places in the UAE wont let me in even on my foreign passport if it smells a bit too telavivish..

Kyle said...

Buj: We can go round and round with this thing. I write, you counter and vice-versa but in the end it all boils down to one thing, resolving this issue. What I keep emphasizing here is that it can't be done through violence. Sooner or later, there will come a point when you'd have to start talking to get it over with. I know, some posters and readers here won't agree with me but that's a fact.

BuJ said...

I'm all for talking Kyle, and as you might have gathered, I'm quite a chatty person.

Lirun, true, but not every Gazan is a terrorist or a Hamasist, especially not a pregnant mother I would suspect. I would block her entry if the baby can be confirmed to be a future suicide bomber.

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

uae alias,

History never had 'real owners' get their land back. In fact, the very definition of 'real owners' is defined by those who win the conflict.. so this is a moot point.


The problem is too complicated to get into a pointless discussion about. While Palestinians may have sold their land to the Jews settling in modern-day Israel, a lot more land has also been confiscated. Some through war, some randomly by different governments, using terrorist acts against Israel as a pretext.

The real problem is that both the Palestinians and Israelis are a victim of circumstance. They both have themselves to blame for where they are today. If Israel cannot eliminate the Palestinians completely, they have better make peace with them. The same applies both ways. As it stands, neither party wins.

I am not anti-anyone.. in fact, at this point in time, I would move my business to Israel if they would allow me. Seeing that Israel is the only country in the region that has enough sense to care about their Internet connectivity :)

Proud Emirati said...

Lirun, why do Arab countries need to accept Israel's unfair resolutions? Of course Israel wanted a proposal like u posted and that is because they want to steal Syria water (the one they are stealing already now), as they do with the west bank. So 1) you don't want to give people their rights, I am talking about the land which everyone agree that your country stole. 2) You get aggressive when they complain and accuse them for not wanting peace because they don't accept ur unfair resolutions then 3) You kill and kill and kill. This doesn't sound peaceful to me. We are not responsible of the the inhospitable treatment you got in Europe.

Brn said...

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner in the greatest understatement of all time award. Congratulations to proud emirati for describing the murder of 6 million people as "the inhospitable treatment".

rosh said...

Not all in Gaza or WB, inherit such sentiments, it's largely given the terrible forced situations they endure since birth. And what is so terribly wrong in wanting your freedom, independence and homes back.

"Look, don't take my words out of context and generalize them."

Fine Kyle - you generalized as much on Gaza, as I on your phrase -duly noted & moving on.

Proud Emirati said...

Brn, jumping to conclusions already eh?

Brn said...

proud emirati,

About what? Perhaps you meant to refer to something else, but in fairness, I'm not sure what else a reasonable person would think you were referring to.

Unless you mean that I'm prematurely awarding you the prize. I supposed I could wait for someone to refer to the Black Death as "a bit of unpleasantness".

Dubai Entrepreneur said...


It is a bit of sarcasm, no need to take it personally. I would probably describe the Plague as 'unpleasant' :)

The point is, someone else is paying the price for the holocaust. At least that's what proud emirati is saying.

I think everyone is too invested in this. Time to move on and make some money instead.

Brn said...

Dubai Entrepreneur,

I didn't take it personally. I completely understand the point of view that the founding of Israel was punishing Arabs for the actions of Europeans.

However, I'm going to make a wild guess and say that if someone described the Israeli treatment of Palestinians as merely "inhospitable" then someone would have made a stronger comment that what I did.

Dubai Entrepreneur said...


I would certainly call it just that. They're certainly not serving dessert, are they?

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Fine Brn,
Allow me, if Proud Emarati would permit, to make the following adjustment:
"……We are not responsible of the the savage and brutal treatment you got in Europe."


Now since your focus is high enough to pick up such nuances, would you tell me what do you think of the rest of Proud Emarati's comment?

Or are you just on the lookout for Anti-Semite stuff?

Lirun said...

alright.. i think its getting a bit remote..

(a) immigration of ashkenazi jews to israel was happening well before WWII..

(b) i love how "arabs" accuse the "europeans" and so readily forget how they humiliated and in some cases butchered us "en masse" across their lands.. jewish exodus from arab lands

(c) proud emirati - when the golan was syrian controlled - we were shot at daily like ducks..

(d) we all share responsibility for today.. in one way or another..

time to stop fighting..

Brn said...

Dubai Entrepreneur,

No, no they are not, which is why I would say that describing it as merely "inhospitable" is, at the very least, an understatement.

Dubai Jazz,

A) I didn't say that his statement was anti-Semitic.

B) I didn't say that I disagreed (or agreed) with anyone in this whole debate.

C) I didn't realize that I was required to address every issue brought up in this debate.

Respectfully, I learned my lesson during the last such debate when I was denounced as a racist, for not stating an opinion, but for pointing out an inconvenient fact.

LDU said...


Firstly, in this argument, it is utter useless mentioning that Pentium was invented by a Jew. Thats like a Muslim mentioning Arab inventions in their Golden Era.

Secondly, the Jewish Exodus from Arab lands was a mere reaction to increasing European Jewish presence in the territory and hostility towards the natives.

Lirun said...


u want to boycott.. so go ahead.. :)

secondly.. whatever.. u punish locals uve lived with for over 2000!!!!! years because some else migrated?

give urself a break.. its embarrassing..

Proud Emirati said...

^^ Yea, it isn't justified but Jews didn't just immigrate to Palestine. They went with their whole package and a conspiracy to take over.

Proud Emirati said...

I do believe that Jews should get their rights and a compensation in the Arab countries that didn't treat them well. But guess what, neither you or Israel want that because it would open a channel for the Palestinian refugees to come back.

Proud Emirati said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Proud Emirati said...

oh, and one more thing. I do believe that Zionist had some role in disturbing the relation between the Arabs and Jews in the Arab countries to force them to immigrate to Israel.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Proud Emarati; the Zionists didn't only place a wedge between the Arab Jews and their countrymen to get them to migrate; they went to the extent of betraying their full-time partner and part-time guardian to get some emigrants from the good old Soviet Union:
” Jonathan Pollard is an American of Jewish descent, born in Galveston Texas, who established a career as an intelligence analyst for the US Navy.”
“Pollard delivered over 1000 classified documents to Israel for which he was well paid.”
“The most egregious damage done by Pollard was to steal classified documents relating to the US Nuclear Deterrent relative to the USSR and send them to Israel. According to sources in the US State Department, Israel then turned around and traded those stolen nuclear secrets to the USSR in exchange for increased emigration quotas from the USSR to Israel. ”

I know this is off the subject. And maybe it is not even constructive in the dialogue to bring up such issues. But facts must be told right….
I think it is important to note that there are Jewish scholars who are fair and honest and always tell the truth and give the right judgment: take Norman Finkelstein for instance; he keeps arguing that Israel should achknowledge its crimes of dispelling millions of Palestinaisn out of their homeland, that this act was against the international law, and that even though Israel can argue that imparting the Palestinian refugees the right of return might be practically impossible for Israel to do, but they should at least respect the intelligence of the Arabs and acknowledge their crimes…

Lirun said...

this is exactly the epitomy of you attitude to jews.. "we" shall tell them when to rack off.. and "we" shall tell them when its time to come back.. ahem.. a.. no..

and there you have it.. you have now fully explained to everyone why the arab world was just as inspiring as the europeans when it came to the jews liberation.. because u too think we are human chattel that can be transfered at your will..

so rest assured.. we dont need to come back and be stuck in a mlah.. we're quite happy at home..

whatsmore.. keep in mind the right of return isnt the "duty to repopulate".. but rather a compensatory facility.. we dont need your $300B.. we have survived your boycott and your regional seige for decades on end and you can keep your money as far as i personally am concerned..

but you're going to have to stop saddling that high-horse.. because low and behold.. it never existed..

Lirun said...

dubai jazz.. i think ur correct about ur comment being irrelevant..


Lirun said...

my supposed crime was fleeing your persecution dubai jazz..

i wont apologise for surviving..

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Lirun, dazed and confused, my comment is very relevant, can't you see it?

The Zionists will do everything to acquire some more immigrants

Be it betraying their best friend, or placing a wedge between the Arab Jews and their fellow Muslims and Christians….


Lirun said...

sure mate - whatever.. we're evil monsters..

all we do is eat children and kill innocent people..

whatever gets you through the night..

LDU said...

Lirun said "we dont need your $300B.. we have survived your boycott and your regional seige for decades on end and you can keep your money as far as i personally am concerned.."

You should at least kneel to the Americans for their 60 years of ongoing generosity shouldn't you? Just out of respect.

Any people can build a nation with the amount of funds America donates to the Israeli regime. Israel recieves more funds and US weaponry than any other country.

Lirun said...

we get a post on gaza and their plight and it turns into a whatever we can say against israel in one comment string.. :)

we have worked damn hard to get where we have come.. and our achievments stand for themselves.. we havent had countless world polluting oil wells.. or the constant flow of oil proceeds to lubricate our wheels.. we work.. and if you think we live off uncle sam - then your sporadic comments are only matched by your ignorance..

what i have tried to show you is that the dispute is multi-faceted.. apparently some people here already know that and some plainly dont care..

reminding me a bit of the stranger by albert camus.. the guy is talking about self defence in a random attach by a stranger during the baravnza winds as he stands trial in court and the court judges him by whether he was sad when his mother died..

im done answering.. to those who refuse to accept the complexity of the state of gaza - i hope that even while you have presented your roadblock against ze jooo.. that you still kept your ears open and tried to at least gain the perspective of another..

wishing you all shabbat shalom (restful saturday and peace)..

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Lirun, I am not saying you are evil monsters. All I am saying that you are not all superbly white angels. Your coming here to discuss peace is quite commendable. But for peace to materialize there has to be full acknowledgement of the mistakes ya Lirun. How do you suppose peace will prevail when there are still disgruntled people out there who are not happy because some of their rights are still taken away?

Peace is not only a product of a pacifist school of thought, it's also a practicality.

rosh said...

DJ, part of the process towards lasting peace, is also letting go some of the past - need to look forward, and work on what can be done for a better future. Discussing the past and settling it all - there may not be much of a future or peace.

UAE ALIAS said...

Why on earth is it so much on the real owners of the land to fight back? How the real owners are are terrorists for not accepting the injustice? Why is it ok for the owner’s women and kids to be killed on their land? In what logic a person isn’t supposed to hate who is responsible for him being homeless and hurt? Is it ok for someone to come kick you out of your house and torture your family? What if that person did that to your whole country??
It is funny when I see these radical opinions about Palestinians and I’m sure the owners of these opinions didn’t really think of these questions, but if they really asked themselves these questions and still came up with the same conclusion then wow.
I value the real men of Gaza and I pay them my respects, not only me but all the Arabs and Muslims I know share this opinion with me. Being neutral about our brothers and sisters being slaughtered on their own land isn’t an option for us.

Lirun said...

another hero.. wonderful..

i invite you all to a blog i recently discovered.. it may be better for you guys to hear things from people that are really suffering rather than CNN or grandstanders who live 5 minutes drive from the palm.. i live 20 minutes drive from this conflict but here are some people who live it day in day out..

gaza sderot blog

Proud Emirati said...

Wow, so now we are comparing the settlers of sderot with the Palestinians in Gaza. The Gazzan who have their sons slaughtered every couple of days with random rockets that merely kill every couple of years. It doesn't get funnier does it. The comparison itself is a sin.

Lirun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lirun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Shame on us .. Shame on us ..
In Oslo and London they go on Modahart and express ther true feelings .. while we sit here nd watch the tv nd then think to do sumthin ..

Go out in the streets express what u feel .. i thought we r muslims if not atleast arabs .. wat r we doin in our homes still watchin ..
Shmae on us for still keepin quiet on those brutal crimes that r commited against our brothers and sisters from our own blood nd flesh ..

Still watchin here ..

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