13 February, 2008

Posting Guidelines

I have updated the posting guidelines and created a link to them at the top of the page; if you plan on posting please take a look at them. If you have suggestions etc please leave them in the commenting section or email sam@samurai-sam.com


Anonymous said...

Its great that you have laid down rules & regulations for this blog. And you as an admin have a right to implement them.

Now UAE as a country has also set certain rules & regulations for the people living inside it. Now will all you white people please stop complaining every now & then? Or is it too much to ask for?

I think it is fair enough, or what do you think? :-)

rosh said...

DG, this is most unlike you......?

Anonymous said...

Rosh: Just wanted to point out what I see as double standards. I mean no offence, just said what I have observed.

Arso said...

White people.. lol

Kyle said...

Dubai Guy:

Now will all you white people please stop complaining every now & then? Or is it too much to ask for?

What's all you say got to do with the rules here?

These are good ways to curb degradation whilst in debate.

The other option (evidenced recently) is being devilish, as we sift through the detritus filled with hate.

MD said...

Sam, I'm glad you defined it. I don't think that the rules have anything to do with whites or blacks. There are all nationalities here that seem to share the 'whines'--locals included. While it is alright to raise concerns, I just hope the blog doesn't become a platform for disgruntled people to bitch incessantly.

rosh said...

Similar sentiments as MD.

The code is quite nicely said Sam. We (most amongst us) realize, the efforts involved to keep this site running, let alone ensuring people follow a common code, and keep it civil. Thank you tons for your & SD's efforts. Always, appreciated.

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