17 February, 2008


Rigged - a biography based on John D'Agostino who worked for the New York Mercantile Exchange (the Merc) which is the oil trading floor on Wall Street.

At the invitation of Sheikhs Maktoum and Mohammed, he flies to Dubai to initiate the plan to open up the Dubai Mercantile Exchange in partnership with the NY Merc.

Along the way there are the usual tales of Dubai as he is courted and feted as a visitor to the country, including visits to nightclubs, Emirates Airline crew parties and car races along Sh. Zayed Road.

Good read! More about it on our blog for those who are interested.

Coming soon to a bookshop in the UAE - but then again, maybe not!

Update: In the Comments, hallodubai has reported that the book is available at Dubai Duty Free.


hallodubai said...

this book is already available in Dubai at the Airport Duty Free

nzm said...

Ah - thanks for that.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

btw NZM, amusingly enough, the only John D'Agostino available on wikipedia is a professional poker player!


nzm said...

DJ: that's interesting!

Now that the cable drama is over, let's see if we can collectively prove whether this book is fact or not! LOL!

nzm said...

DJ: pays to Google for John D'Agostino+New York Mercantile Exchange and then you'll get the guy. ;-)

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