09 February, 2008

The Cable-Cutter Mystery: Spies, lies, and "conspiracy theories" – what's behind the Middle East internet outage.

By Justin Raimondo of Antiwar.com

[...Yet theories that this incident prefigures a US attack on Iran don't comport with the facts: Iran, far from being isolated by the cuts, may have enjoyed better connectivity as a result of the events. The areas hardest hit were Kuwait, Egypt, and especially Pakistan – this last being a likelier target for isolation than Iran, and certainly more current ....
Another, and far more plausible, theory is that the seemingly coordinated cuts resulted from efforts to tap into the cables – a spying operation. Go here for an exhaustive and very convincing case for viewing this as "special warfare.".........]

More here.

Another interesting post from the Galloping Beaver blog:
[....What does this have to do with anything? Well, first of all, the sheets and pages of information on USS Jimmy Carter's multi-mission capabilities have all disappeared off the US Navy's sites. Even the commissioning announcement at
Commander Submarine Group Two is gone.

So, at the risk of perpetrating a conspiracy theory, I will state that I am highly suspicious and until someone can point at USS Jimmy Carter snuggly alongside at its berth in Bangor, Washington, the Bush administration becomes as strong a suspect as any other possible perpetrator. There is also the fact that USS Jimmy Carter was due to become operational this year....]

More here.

I don't personally subscribe to conspiracy theories. But it's always interesting to analyze and speculate over this stuff. : )


Kyle said...

Dubai Jazz:

Thanks for the interesting links in this label.

Although, a majority of them are a bit hokey, and highly speculative, the jury’s still out debating their authenticity before they pass a judgment.

Cautionary note to readers: I’ve spent an entire evening pursuing those links at the expense of my family. So, tread carefully – LOL.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

LOL Kyle, I hope your wife is not angry at me. :s

I think this whole theory is a bit far-fetched. But it's plausible nonetheless. One thing I don’t understand though, is that how the 'perpetrators' of this plot will eventually be able to keep the bug on these cables without reducing the capacity? I mean, okay, the cuts were diversions to keep attention away from the site where the real work was going on (splicing and bugging the cables that is ) but for a bug to do the job, it has to share the stream of data from the cable, will that not affect the speed?

Or do they use some sort of signal boosters like the one we use to improve mobile phone coverage? Maybe that is just a stupid analogy I am making, I am not a technical person when it comes to that…

I think we'll never know what this thing is all about…

Kyle said...

Dubai Jazz:

What is even more absurd is linking these cuts to a supposedly impending diabolic gang bang plan.

To learn more, you'd have to follow & connect those dots that you hyperlinked in this label.

Good Luck :)

One thing I'll tell you, we humans will always be suckers for conspiracy theories (currently resembling the mushroom pattern) instead of drawing up a game plan to live & let live.

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