17 February, 2008

good on Al jazeera

Arabic countries have adopted a charter to allow
censorship and punishment of satellite TV channels
which offend Arab leaders or religious symbols.
Except Qatar, home to al-Jazeera, who refused.



Underground Dubai


ColOman said...

This all a bunch of crap.... Al Jazeera stopped reporting anything on Saudi... even news about inflation, which all newspapers including Saudi wrote about.... this is because of the agreement they had betweeen Saudi and Qatar

So while they don't sign such agreements it dont make they really free either

Kyle said...

So, does this mean, freedom of speech, is a no go thing?

Nadim said...

This is so open to abuse, the charter uses vague language. Perfect for blanket statements!

They should not "damage social harmony, national unity, public order or traditional values,"

"protect Arab identity from the harmful effects of globalisation"

Recipe for disaster!

DUBAI JAZZ said...

For those who can read arabic; here's an excellent commentary on the charter issue from Al Jazeera net:


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