24 February, 2007

AIDS is a pleasure

The spelling mistakes, grammar errors and the general decline in quality in recent years in everything offered by the eServices Division in the Dubai eGov initiative has spread to SMS messages.

The Arabic Edition of Emirates Today [page 2] claims that a number of mobile users have received a public advertisement stating that "AIDS is a pleasure" from the Dubai eGov Offices. Though it seems that the message itself is a part of a nation wide campaign to raise awareness about the disease, the eGov office has managed to butch this up as well.


Anonymous said...

maybe they should have put the words Aids in a different place in the sentence, it would have made more sense.

Anonymous said...

u dont take the word" aids is pleasure" off its context.. the msg said: aids is a passing "quick" pleasure that could lead to a disaster

but i have to say you're funny

Anonymous said...

@Anony 00:38

How can AIDS be a "passing quick pleasure"?

Anonymous said...

for most ""local"" the meaning of the words is really clear.. the msg says... dont have sex lol.. its a quick pleasure.. followed by aids..

Ali said...

totally agree with anonymous..

and am local

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