03 February, 2007


Any of you geeks out there having trouble using FTP? I've been completely unable to upload anything for the last two days. I know Itisalot have restricted bandwidth due to 'an earthquake', but this is beyond joke.


Emirates Mac said...

Works fine for me.

louay said...

eti a shitlot sucks eggs!

Anonymous said...

I am not able to use FTP from my work in JAFZ since few days. I don't know if it's Etisalat or my work.

nick said...

I can't even telnet to my office in DIC! WAAAAAAAHH!!

Keefieboy said...

Can I ask you guys who have a problem to complain to Etisalat about it? They're telling me I'm the only one who has complained about this problem...

poo said...


I have been having issues with FTP within sandland... crappy transfer speeds... However SCP seems to work... no idea why :/

will switch everything to SCP from now on... FTP / sFTP are a pita anyway.

Plus am tired of eggsalad seeing me transfer huge_uae_community_boobies_and_group_s3x.avi fines :p

Anonymous said...


Why on earth are you using telnet across the Internet? Are you completely insane? Hint: ssh


Not sure about your problem. I don't use FTP, but my connection seems to be fine (relative to what I'm used to). ssh sessions to the UK seem to occasionally freeze for 30 seconds or so, but otherwise fine. RDC to my office in DMC is okay too (actually pretty decent -- but that's after disabling everything fancy in the display). Web seems okay too.

I think there are certain areas that get affected. I'm here in Bur Dubai, so your network is probably completely different.

Anonymous said...


I tried it again today from JAFZ and it's working fine.

Don't know what was wrong some days ago?

Keefieboy said...

Grrr. It still doesn't work from home, but it's fine from DMC (using the same laptop). I've finally got Etisalat to stop saying 'it must be your computer or the servers you're trying to connect to', and they are investigating their own network.

Anonymouse! said...

Does the UAE have earthquakes? O_o

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