09 February, 2007

Dubai Lynx 2007: World's top advertising creatives to gather in Dubai, UAE

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Dubai Lynx, the inaugural advertising and communication awards honouring creative excellence across the Middle East and North Africa has handpicked the jury members from creative teams across the world.

Which means that once again Dubai is going to host some of the top personalities of the advertising world, after it made history last year by having the largest ever World Congress of the International Advertising Association (IAA).

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Hashem said...

Holy Shi* !!! Am I blind, or does this logo states "Allah" in arabic calligraphy?

Thats pretty clearer than ever?!!

Hashem said...

ok, It appeared that this prick: http://www.nickhearne.co.uk/printidentity1.htm was "inspired" by this guy's calligraphy: http://www.concentric.net/%7Elndb/massoudy/mc01.htm
and unintentionally it came out to read "Allah".

Is it really clear, or am I exaggerating?

secretdubai said...

I think you're seeing too much there. Part of the problem is that the simplicity of the letters that form Allah in Arabic are easy to be read into too many things, such as the Walls ice cream logo.

Even if the guy was inspired by Arabic calligraphy that happened to say "Allah", assuming he doesn't read Arabic he is effectively just copying a pattern.

Anonymous said...

Hashem, the logo looks normal to me, just a logo. I didn’t notice what you said before reading your comment. Maybe I am wrong and maybe more people will give their opinion.

Anonymous said...

Stone him, burn him, boycott....

farrukh: copywriter & journalist said...

At best, the lines would qualify to be four 'Alephs' and not the Arabic alphabets in 'Allah'. It's more like cat's ears.

Also, the designer has been upfront and credited the Iraqi calligrapher for the derivation of the style.

Even in the most ancient Arabic script styles, the logo does not read 'Allah'.


Nick Hearne said...

Thanks for your comments on the logo we developed for Dubai Lynx.

I would say that it is obvious that this is supposed to be the ear of a caracal, or lynx. Especially seeing as the event is called Dubai Lynx.

The inspiration from Hassan Massoudy goes as far as purely his elegant brush strokes, rather than simply just one of his works. We also researched other traditional decorative calligraphers from around the world. I have visited exhibitions of Hassan Massoudy's work and other calligraphers to study their style as we wanted to represent a modernised brush stroke.

I see that you have picked a certain piece of his work to link to. I think you'll probably find a much greater variety of words in his work if you look further. These will often contain similar brush strokes within different contexts. Most of them dealing with community and peace.

Here is a gallery for you to look at if you are interested in his work:



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