22 February, 2007

Protecting the Ghaf Tree

A noble drive, all well and good. See Gulf News today or better yet, AME Info on 19 Feb.

The best write-up is from a sponsor of the drive who explains,
“We will plant one real ghaf sapling in the desert for every ten planted in the virtual garden,” elaborated Al Mubarak. “Votes cast will strengthen our petition to the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water to bestow national tree status to the ghaf.”
I support the idea, but the organization's own website is somewhat confusing. It says you'll see a labeled photo of your sapling after planting it online. Huh?!


md said...

Hala BD,

I planted ghaf trees online :) They call it the 'Virtual Ghaf Garden' and for every e-mail/name that you enter, it shows a new sapling being added to the virtual garden. You can see your name and the Date once you move your mouse over the ghaf sapling.

For every 10 virtual saplings, they will plant one real ghaf tree. That's what they're trying to say.

goldenlegs said...

i think we have managed to plant 100 Virtual ones = 1 real tree, i really hope so, this tree is unique !

Lirun said...

is there a society for nature preservation or a green movement in the UAE?

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