06 February, 2007

Dal'ouna in Abu Dhabi

If you live in Abu Dhabi, grab the chance to listen to Dal'ouna. I went to their Dubai concert last night, in aid of Bethlehem University. They are so good.

They will be on at the Cultural Foundation on Feb 7th - tomorrow. I'd post a link, but the main Time Out ticket page is down, but so you'd better contact the venue direct. Here's blurb: Highlights the classical, folkloric Palestinian and Oriental Repertoire, interpreting it in its on way. Dal’ouna also interpret some composition from Ramzi Aburedwan.

So good! Oud, a smaller lute, clarinet, percussion, accordion, two young singers. Such talent. Such music. Such an important cause. Just go!

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-Lura- said...

when is the program ?
where do i get the tickets ?

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