23 February, 2007


There was a bit of a backlog on the blogroll additions list, I have now sorted this out.
A few notes:
  • If starting a new blog, I seriously suggest the title of your blog and the URL are identical or as close as technically permitted; the number of blogs I managed to confuse within seconds of reading their information was astounding.
  • No blogs with absolutely no relevance to the UAE will be added; if you live in the UAE (or in some cases have lived in the UAE), or blog about the UAE, your blog is welcome. There were several requests for obvious spam-blogs to be added to the blog rolls and these were ignored.
  • It's quite helpful that when requesting your blog is added to the blogrolls you include an address for the blog in question, there were at least two people who left anonymous messages asking for their blog to be added.

Also, On the first week of March I will be going through the entire blogrolls reviewing each blog, if you have not posted at least once in 2007, your blog will be removed.


goldenlegs said...

great idea, just add mine, and we'll contact you

Paraglider said...

I'm impressed - you added mine within 12 hours of me submitting. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

PSA - what the hell is that some new army code & chill out dude with ur rules ur not saddam

samuraisam said...

"PSA - what the hell is that some new army code & chill out dude with ur rules ur not saddam"

PSA stands for public service announcement.

BuJ said...

Dear Sam and SD,

Thanks guys for your continuous efforts to run and manage the UAECB. This is my one-stop source of info whenever I miss home!

You're doing a great job!


secretdubai said...

Thanks BuJ - samuraisam is pretty much doing everything now ;)

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