19 February, 2007

Roundabouts are back

Last summer I posted a series of entries about the roundabouts of Al Ain. It was a very popular series.

Now it seems that some of those photos are popular again. However, now they are popular over at Al Ain Daily Photo, where they and several other photos of mine - 15 in all - are being used without attribution or credit. I have links to two of these at my site.

The blogger is ilfikluz, and he doesn't provide an email address to contact him. His site is part of the City Daily Photo Blog, which looks like a great idea and so far as I know has nothing to do with the theft.

ilfikluz now seems to have deleted the Al Ain Daily Photo blog


DXBluey said...

Hi Brn,

Bluey from Dubai Daily Photo here - each daily photo site is totally independant from the others. We have a central forum and have contact with each other, but it is not a centralised kind of thing.

It's really crappy of Al Ain Daily Photo to have done this, however this site has been unactive for a long time now and should be removed from our lists.

We can't force them to close the site etc as I don't think we'll have any email details other than his profile maybe - although Eric from Paris DP site runs the community and if he can help at all I'm sure he will.

Let me know if I can assist in anyway.



Brn said...

Thanks bluey,

I figured from poking around the central site that it was not the sort of thing that would be involved with this. I actually have signed up with them to create a daily Al Ain photoblog.

1234dsfs said...

I have seen all those photos on other sites before, the picture of the mandoos RA is more than 2 years old

The least he/she could have done is given credits to the owners of the photos.

DXBluey said...

Brn - great! It can be quite a dedication to post every single day - but it's all good.

You get a lot of hits due to the community of the City DP links.

Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Kuwait has a good one, surprised that Abu Dhabi, Doha, Muscat and Bahrain don't have one yet... maybe soon...

Lirun said...


quite interesting..

in the real world copyright infringement can be a very serious offence with criminal as well as civil ramifications in some countries..

i think its cool how self regulation has managed this scenario..

imagine if it was dragged through a court.. would have taken forever and cost a fortune..

but here through some basic emotional leverage pegged heavily on "name and shame" strategy alone - the situation was corrected.. at least to a certain extent..

i think its a good opportunity to remind everyone to make fair and decent use of imaginery.. attribute clearly and give credit where due.. not to take material illegally under any circumstances - ESPECIALLY if the blog has a commercial bend/advertises/is sponsored etc..

i dont know the law in the uae but a while ago we all discussed the issue of appropriate content.. i think this links in quite squarely..

zolt said...

roundabouts suck, i'm trying to centralize all info i have read and was intresting, if you are not on my blog, it is probably because you are troll (www.cuveedestrolls.be)

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