24 February, 2007

Police Salary raise

Congratulations for police staff for the new salary raise.

Lieutenant -General 69,000 AED
Brigadier General 54,800 AED
Brigadier 45,500 AED
Colonel 40,000 AED
Lieutenant Colonel 35,000 AED
Major 29,500 AED
Captain 25,000 AED
First Lieutenant 22,000 AED
lieutenant 20,000 AED

Senior managers allowance but the percentage hasn't been mentioned
Tickets allowance between 2,000 to 55,000 AED annually depending on the rank
Cars allowance between 200,000 to 350,000 AED for senior managerial ranks
Work environment allowance between 0% to 40% of the basic salary (which is 50% of the total salary)

Lower ranks get between 6,500 to14,800 AED


Keef said...

'Tickets allowance between 2,000 to 55,000 AED'

What does that mean?

1234dsfs said...


Proud Emirati said...

@ Keefieboy

The lowest rank get 2,000 annually comparing to 55,000 for Brigadier.

A bachelor degree become a lieutenant when he first join the police.

samuraisam said...

Annual salaries of US police according to the US department of Labor

Police chief $92,983
Deputy chief 76,994
Police captain 75,497
Police lieutenant 67,580
Police sergeant 59,454
Police corporal 51,661

Anonymous said...

In US dollars the minimum annual salary would be as following: It doesn't include police chief and deputy chief salary:

Brigadier $163,000
Colonel $146,9000
Lieutenant Colonel $130,000
Major $114,000
Captain $97,900
First Lieutenant $81,600
lieutenant $65,300

Anonymous said...

More than these, they need to look at the lower ranks and increase salaries of the non-locals (especially) who have been working for the Police at the salary of 3,000 for the last 20 years.

Anonymous said...

So what's the total package.

The salary seems high enough, but what about their allowances?

Dh350,000 per year for a car allowance!!!

Anonymous said...


I dont think that the car allowance is annually. The total package depend on each employee.

@md, they doubled the salaries of the lower ranks and for the non Emiratis the salaries are between 3,700 to 21,000

Anonymous said...

I saw the table in Gulf News, it seems that expats get less than half the salary of nationals.

marwan said...

Congrats to all our police readers.

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