01 February, 2007

Cool Deathspire videos

Two cool animations of the Deathspire by an architecture student:

(Click on either video to be taken to the full-size YouTube page).

I can't wait for this thing to be built ;)


nzm said...

Only one blinking red light?

Judging by how many are put on smaller buildings, I reckon they'll get a lot more than one on the Burj Dubai!

dredge said...

the animation makes it look and feel like a postmodern stonehenge; a maasive eerie structure in the middle of nowhere (no other buildings, city skyline or anything else visible); very disappointing videos (or rather video)!

Harsha said...

whats the purpose of blinking red lights on nigh rise buildings?


Harsha said...

looks spooky, especially with the music.

James said...

it looks like a sound cannon i made out of metal pipes for a middle school science project.

BuJ said...

if you look from above u see the star of david and if you look from the side (with a lot of imagination) you see a cross... damn..

the animation is good but like dredge said there's nothing (life size) to compare with and get an idea of the scale.

harsha.. the light at the top is for sheikh mo.. it blinks when someone sends him an e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Wonders of the world.Its a simble, it was said and said that even a camel can enter through the hole of a needle.Same as from desert to Paradise

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