05 February, 2007

who's a naughty boy? don't do it again

"A British man yesterday pleaded guilty to molesting a Dubai Airport employee by slapping him on the buttocks - three times. The trial, which started yesterday, heard that the 30-year-old British visitor, AJ, who is charged with molestation and consuming alcohol"

This will be the FREE alcohol that the man was plied with on his Emirates flight would it?

It appears that alcohol consumption illegal in Dubai without a liquor license.

A work colleague of mine was jailed for 30 days for consumption only last year.

Yet they give the stuff away not only on flights into the UAE, but also to the fairer sex in just about every licensed establishment in Dubai.

Check out "Ladies Nights" in Time Out Dubai for your free booze sessions.

Just don't EVER put a foot, or indeed a hand out of place whilst you are in any way under the influence of alcohol in Dubai or the chances are you WILL be banged up.

The 7days story is highlighted to warn you of the dangers of consuming alcohol in Dubai without a liquor licence. A liquor license that is only available to residents.

AJ probably deserves punishment for smacking someone; be it on the arse or face, it's still pretty much assault; but whether he deserves to be charged with consuming alcohol is another matter all together.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem out of line to me.

We give you the freedom to drink, but if you step out of line then you will face the consequences.

Anonymous said...

Dubai gives alcohol away but still makes it a criminal offense to consume it.......its madness

Anonymous said...

Am tired of all of you foreigners coming to my country and consuming alcohol. All of you need to be sent back to wherever you came from.
This country should only allow Arabs and Muslims.

Rejected said...

LOLLL anonymous @ 15:15
Arabs are no good dear and I am Arab.

On the other hand seems you do not know how your gov. treats their brothers and sister.

Anonymous said...

Dubai is more like a bar for tourists, as long as money is coming in it's ok to drink, rape and kill.

John B. Chilton said...

Don't complain.

Consider some alternatives, like http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/16978938/?GT1=9033

"A Saudi Arabian judge sentenced 20 foreigners to receive lashes and spend several months in prison after convicting them of attending a party where alcohol was served and men and women danced, a newspaper reported Sunday.

The defendants were among 433 foreigners, including some 240 women, arrested by the kingdom's religious police for attending the party in Jiddah, the state-guided newspaper Okaz said. "

bartman said...

A UAE dewvoid of expats would be amusing to see, I must admit. Of course, they guys selling the booze would take a big hit. And the locals in the bars would be even more conspicuous than they are now.

fellow atheist said...

Yes, it is madness. Then again, I don't have a liquor license. I drink in bars, clubs, etc. I buy alcohol and have my stock of spirits and wines at home. I never had any problems with the police. I mind my own business and don't bother people.

anono @15:15

Yeah.. right. Once a troll, now a troll, always will be a troll.

ADinamorato said...

its shamefull that our airways serve wine infront of arabs and muslims. Waiters even have the nerve to offer us wine...

what a victory to islam... NOT

mimi the fucking jew said...

as i said before
dubai isn't islamic!

Anonymous said...

Foreigners do not only come and drink, Anonymous. I read of a certain saukonen, a doctor who harassed a Muslim patient, has his lover here, but nobody cares (he's an investor, of course)... this is really madness, more than alcohol drinking! All puking on Muslim culture...Government first!

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