09 February, 2007

Help Me Please!!!

I can't post my photos in the middle of the blog any more? The new version will only allow me to display all my photos on top of my article and not in the middle if I wish to do so?? Please help me.


nzm said...

ColOman: Unless there's a temporary bug with Blogger, nothing's changed.

The images will always load at the top of the Post Composing screen.

You just need to drag and drop the image to where you want it to appear, or in the html window, cut and paste the image code into the location where you want it.


ColOman said...

when I try to cut and past it, it won't let me do it? I used to be able to do it??

moryarti said...

you can't cut/paste images on the blogger template. You can cut/paste either the image html code or your text around the image..

Sasha said...

Move to wordpress :-))

Fahad Al Mahmood said...

I always use the HTML editor to add pictures and it works all the time ...

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