26 February, 2007

when even death is funny

It's a rainy day in Gaza, and I'm working from home, leaving my colleague to the misery of our dank, muddy office. He's called me a few times out of desperation (he says it's news but secretely knows that the 5th release by the Popular Struggle Front on not joining the unity government is not news). The bordedom though, made him find these Gazan jokes, still funny in English _ even if I can't read them out with that distinct hyper-macho Gazan accent.
A Gazan woman is praising her boyfriend, "you're the hero, you're the strong one..." He says, without blinking, "of course, I was even a martyr!"
Israel clamps a curfew on Gaza...and Gazans go out onto the streets, to see what's going on
Hebron, Nablus and Gaza decide to build a connecting bridge between them. The Nablusis volunteer the stones, the Hebronites the cement and the Gazans, the steel.
A week after the bridge is built, it collapses over everybody's head.
"What a waste of stones!" laments the Nablusi
"What a waste of cement!" laments the Hebronite
"Good thing we didn't use the steel, eh?" one Gazan said to another, "otherwise it would have been wasted as well!"

A Gazan woman wanted to appear modern. She drank coffee with a straw.

Apart from that, it's the usual Gazan misery around here. Thank God though, for a Gazan sense of humour. Although, knowing a Gazans' luck, they'd die of laughter.


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Stained said...

"Although, knowing a Gazans' luck, they'd die of laughter."
that line surely was not funny.... :|

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