13 October, 2007

Al Faker?

As I admired my small collection of shisha flavours I noticed that the packaging was different between some of the products despite bearing the same name; both bear the same brand name ("Al Fakher") yet one uses the website http://www.alfakher.com and one uses the website http://www.alfakhir.com. The former company/website seems more legit to me and seems to be the company that launched a campaign against fake products by introducting security seals on it's products. Both compaies have different contact numbers yet have the same brand name.

Does anyone have any information on this?


i*maginate said...

sam, I only noticed something funny when suddenly the Al Fakher brand that was being stocked in Carrefour was replaced by the "other" Al Fakher.

For a while, I had thought the packaging had undergone a revamp, however, any sheesha connoisseur can tell the difference between the two in terms of taste.

Of late, I have noticed the "other" Al Fakher has been taken of the shelves and replaced with the "original" Al Fakher.

The original Al Fakher, I guess through an amicable settlement with the "other" Al Fakher, has informed its buyers of the confusion by taking all "necessary" measures, such as changing its packaging, adding a "seal" to the bag and and and...

Al Fakher is way better.

OK...if you want to know more, I visited two sheesha shops, each exclusively dealing in the 2 different brands. When I reluctantly went into the "fake" Al Fakher one, I asked them what the difference was. They said "new packaging, same company, tastes better" - I stuck with the real Al Fakher, merely because they taste better, and it's quite obvious the "other" Al Fakher is quite that: "other".

Consumer law? "other" topic.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Sam, your observation is correct; the first one (the one produced in Ajman) looks more legit and authentic…. and it's been around for quite sometimes..
Although I usually smoke at a coffee shop, I know that the mix from Ajman is the one they have been providing for my Shisha for the last two years…it tastes great, in fact, I've never complained even once …
Didn't know that shisha is your poison, we should get together some time for a puff of Mua'asil and a pint of Moroccan tea…;)

Mazhar Fakher said...

i will release my brand its going to be the shitz.

Anonymous said...

Simply DONT smoke

nick said...

I don't mind either as long as it's pronounced Al Fucker.

But this highlights a much bigger and serious problem.

I am still trying to figure out which Umm Suqueim spelling is the correct one. I have seen seven ways of spelling Al Quoz.
Is MOhammed the real deal or should it be MUhammed?
And everytime I type Koran instead of Qu'ran I may risk a fatwa?

Jones said...

And then there is Gulf Erection Co

Anonymous said...

Shisha! I bought some for my friends in Europe, I hope I got the right Al Fakher then.

Gulf Erection Co...I have also read people write : they are specialists in erections of all kinds.

Then we have : Eat and Drink Restaurant or Decent Restaurant, Al Intifadah Grocery...

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