16 October, 2007

Dubai on 60 Minutes

Dubai got covered on CBS' 60 minutes program. (Oct. 14th 07)
You can view some video excerpts here.


Anonymous said...

watched it. puff piece. more of the same dubai is wonderful stuff. sad, bc 60minutes is supposed to be a critical, indepth tv newsmagazine. they didn't hit hard like 20/20 (another US-based tv newsmagazine show) did in nov 2006, right around when the human rights watch report came out.

SevenSummits said...

Did you watch the second part?
Second Part?

Dr. Ibtisam Al-Kitbi is really disappointing – ah, she could have contributed just a little bit more! When will we finally have an Emirati that will have a little more courage, instead of the sandal-licking crowd?

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Fair coverage..
Friends in the US loved it..

Bridget Jones said...
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Bridget Jones said...
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Anonymous said...

What r u talking about? Dr. Ibtisam said what she could say.

SevenSummits said...

So, ANON, you are referring to me without having the balls to say so? Don’t I just love those civilized communication skills!
From an intelligent lady and political scientist, I do expect a little more than “ uhhhhh ahhhhhh, ehhhhm - he’s great”. Especially pulling this “girly behavior” is a little anomalous for a scholar that is lecturing at a university. Lousy PR gig, honestly, especially since she knows exactly what is critically wrong in Dubai and about the statement “she said what she could”??? How about simply saying something she already previously said at a German function in DC? Let me quote:

”For a long time, the people in the Gulf region have traded their political rights for the benefits oil has brought them. But today people are asking for freedom of speech and the right to criticize the government.” (oh, she really did, didn’t she - ROFL) or

“In the Arab world, strong social sentiment against women's participation in politics persists, as does economic and social discrimination; these conditions are often legitimized by fundamental interpretations of Qu'ran. At this point, several regimes in the region exploit women's empowerment - urged, among others, by Western initiatives like the MEPI - as a red herring to distract public attention from shortcomings in other key reform issues like incumbency term limits, freedom of the press and political party rights. I have witnessed this especially in the Gulf region, where some women recently became members of parliament or appointed to ministerial-level posts.” (oh, so women are discriminated?)

Anyhow highlighting “freedom of speech” twice!
Excellent insides, but when it comes to sucking up to an elite, she should maybe take some lessons from Monica L. to make it worthwhile.

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