18 October, 2007

School Bullies...

Today's Gulf News reports, "Bullies force traumatised pupil away from school."
A 12th grade pupil of an Abu Dhabi school said he has stopped attending classes after continuous mental and physical torture by a group of bullies.

His father said the boy has been traumatised for the past eight months after joining Sunrise English Private School in 11th grade and needed psychiatric treatment. "He was afraid to disclose the harassment he faced in the school." The boy has not attended school since September 3.

Sam said: "I did not disclose the torture because my class teacher warned that I will also be suspended if an incident was reported to the principal. She said so when I complained in the beginning of May against five boys who dragged me from the classroom holding my neck and slammed my head against the wall."

His father said he complained to the principal and later in writing mentioning the names of nine bullies as the principal told him to but no action was taken.

Doctor's certificate demanded

Principal C. Impanathan told Gulf News that it was difficult to take action against nine pupils on a complaint. "I came to know the complaints two weeks ago only when the parent approached me." About the alleged warning by the class teacher to take action against both complainant and accused, the principal said that the teacher explained to him that she did not use the word "suspension" but warned strong action against creating problems in school. He said he would consider taking further action, including suspension or dismissal of nine accused pupils, if the parent produces a certificate from the doctor mentioning the names of the accused.
This is a serious matter; bullying in school, physical abuse - are all crimes that should never be tolerated. Strict action has to be taken against the bullies. If teachers and principals who have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for children to learn - failed in their duties - they should be punished and banned from working in schools.

He said he would consider taking further action, including suspension or dismissal of nine accused pupils, if the parent produces a certificate from the doctor mentioning the names of the accused.

How on earth can any doctor give a certificate mentioning the names of the accused? Would the bruises bear the names of the accused? This is not news reporting by Gulf News, this is something else.

Whether the principal said something so stupid and outrageous to Gulf News can only be verified from the 'audio recording' - if they have any.


Cheeky Minx said...

Yeah, that's sad and all, but come on guys, being bullied and being a bully - isn't that all part of growing up for little boys everywhere in the world? Just like us little girls made each other's lives miserable with our bitching and gossips.

The kid's father would be better off showing his kid how to punch back the bullies. At least the kiddo will regain his self-esteem and win the respect of his mates. Being over protected by daddy is likely going to turn him into a sissy down the line.

We want him to see a lion in the mirror when he is grown up now don't we? Roarrrrrrrrrrr..!

tobasco said...

Cheeky minx there is a 'WALL' of difference between having your head smashed into the wall and bitching.
I was brought up in an Abu-Dhabi all-boys school and I have seen how bullies tend to pick on the ones that can't defend themselves, physically and verbally.
Truth be told I can’t stand people who are afraid to stand up for themselves or their kids (If I was the father I would’ve battered all 9 kids with their dads first then complain).

tobasco said...

cheeky tobasco sauce
Yes I am an idiot, a bully and a faggot because you said so. 5 guys would never pick on you unless one has tried it before and the other 4 saw that he wasn’t going to stand up and joined in (whether it’s immediately or at a later date, who cares). I have been bullied before, I stood up got the shit kicked out of me but I fought back and hurt him as it happens he never tried it again after that.

Cheeky Minx said...

Tobasco, I like:
- your pun on the word 'wall'
- how, after all's been said (and done?;)), you support my view on how to deal with the problem...
And for the record, having your head smashed into the wall is what I call 'bullying', not bitching :)

Cheeky Tobasco Sauce, now that's one cheeky repartee of a name we have here huh!
I've been called a few things in my time, but had yet to hear faggot and dick! So the minx has grown balls and at the same time is a faggot, lol, i love your sense of humour ;)

Alright, so instead of teaching your kid some fighting moves and let him save face at school, you want to take things to the police, the courts, and the press and of course, here. Cool. Now everyone knows your kid is a lil loser who can only grow up to be a big loser, because each and every time the bullies will want to re-arrange his features, dad (or is that mom..?) would come running to the rescue. Cool. You talk of what's going on in his head, I'd say indeed, sit and THINK instead of taking the easier option to you (police/ press etc). Think of the kid growing up being tanuted him that he is a sissy who runs to dad all the time.

Oh, and btw, if you can't take a fight yourself, don't start it. Don't tell Tobasco and I to 'F* off' after you tried to provoke us!! :p

Cheeky Minx said...

Boo-hoo, Cheeky tobasco sauce has monopoly on that!! ;)

Cheeky T. Sauce, LOL!! Choke on your bile, from me it's goodbye now, mwah!

Cheeky Minx said...

LOL!! The author (?) has deleted the posts of "Cheeky tobasco sauce" and "boo-hoo" to which Tobasco and I responded.

In an attempt to make us look stupid? LOL that they should have bothered!!

samuraisam said...

cheeky minx: I'm deleting the comments because it is the same person making them and they're all really, really retarded. They drop in every now and then and leave the same stupid comments referencing debbie menon (?) and all manner of stupid shit. Sorry if you did respond to them, but from now on I will be deleting them all ASAP.

Ashwini said...

Yes ofcourse, bullying is a part of academic life (personal opinion). But I guess not in your school days. During school days children are more tender and prone to hurts (mental and physical) as they are just on the way to grow mature. Hence, they need to be protected (ofcourse not pampered). One can bully other students (juniors) during their college years where one is at the stage where reality and practical life comes into the full view. So that the bullying (knows how, when and why to bully) and the being bullied (knows how, when and why to respond to bullying) clearly understands safe, healthy and decent methods!
Whereas, Sunrise English Private School has managed to catch the media’s attention frequently for more than one reason! Well, they were previously in the news when they had shifted their school campus from the city to outside city limits (in Mussafah). after which they imposed a steep increase in the fees for children in a span of less than a year (even when there prevails a strict law in UAE which restricts any educational institution from raising their fees from more than some % within a year!) Personally, I feel that the school somehow has lost all its values for quality education!!!


The best way to deal with people like cheeky minx, is how Iraqi Insurgents deal with their prisoners. Then you will understand what bullying is. Dealing with people like you ISLAMIC style is the answer. You harm someone, you pay. You pay dearly. The law of reciprocity works. It keeps the peace. Why do you need to harm someone else ? What is your right in it ? Why ? Harming another human being is a sin. It is wrong. It is against Civilized norms. You go to school or college to study, to learn, to become a better human being, to serve your society or family. Not to harm another human being, who is there to do the same.

What is the "real world" ? the world that you create ? or the world that is really out there ? in the real world, there are many ways to deal with a problem

IF someone harms me, or threatens me or bullies me, I would deal with them the way ISLAMIC STYLE. If that scum goes to hell and burn so be it.

ISLAMIC STYLE RETRIBUTION must be encouraged by the victims on any bully.

and no bullying is not part of normal growing up. It is abnormal. Why do you seek to harm someone else ? If yes, then prepared to be harmed 2 times worse.

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