01 October, 2007

UAE MoL to Issue Temporary Work Permits

"All companies in the country can now seek temporary work permits to facilitate the process of recruiting foreign manpower, said Assistant Under-secretary in the Ministry of Labour Obaid Rashid Al Zahmi.

He said the Work Permit Department in the MoL will today begin issuing temporary work permits to companies in different fields to give them an opportunity to place the new workers in a probation period. In the past, such permits were issued only to oil and energy companies. More.. "

This permit was also announced a couple of months earlier but then nothing happened. Now after the amnesty and the crackdown on illegal workforce most of the businesses are suffering. If such a step is implemented it will ease out the building HR pressure but I am pretty sure the unskilled and semi-skilled workforce won't qualify for these permits. Maybe somebody here can enlighten us.


B.D. said...

It is ironic that the left hand tries to clear the country of all illegal workers while the right hand devises a way to bring them all back. Instead of an amnesty requiring those of illegal status to return to their home countries, the amnesty should have given these people the opportunity to regain legal status by being issued new passports and visas--so long as there were no questions of criminal behavior other than residency and work permit violations.

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

b.d., that would encourage further illegal entries into the country -- everyone would know that at some point, an amnesty may be offered to become legal.

The only problem with this amnesty is that it has not been poorly announced. The details were given bit by bit, with the occasional contradiction.

I still don't think the Temporary Work Permits are enough incentive. I would rather put down nothing, find out if I want to keep a new employee or not.

It might be a bit more tempting if the money paid for the temporary work permit would count towards the fees involved in establishing a proper employment residence.

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