18 October, 2007

Leopard Frightens Sharjah Residents

I haven't read anything about this in the English newspapers, so I guess it could be worth sharing.

Al Khaleej reports:

On Tuesday the 16th of October, the Sharjah Police successfully captured a leopard that had terrified residents in Sharjah near the Tasjeel Auto City.

Brigadier Saleh Al Mutawwa, Director General of Sharjah Police said that "the leopard was seen strolling the area when terrified passersby spotted the leopard and immediately reported it to us. An emergency unit was sent to carefully control the situation. The "trained unit" was able to temporarily paralyze the leopard and transfer him to the Environment and Natural Protectorate Committee".

Al Mutawwa noted that the price of a leopard can reach AED 85,000 and owners of these wild animals tend to smuggle these animals to keep them inside their homes.


clayfuture said...

Did this appear in any of the english newspapers?

Anonymous said...

So why travel all they way to africa for a safari if sharjah is just a 30 minute from dubai

Anonymous said...

30mns as the crow flies. In traffic Africa is easier to reach.

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