23 October, 2007


It seams the Government will strengthen the policies applying to Labour hiring:
My questions are:
What will happen to the Recruitment Agencies?
Will the MOL charge us fees for recruiting servants or professionals trough the labour offices?
Many thanks in advance


nick said...

It would be interesting if the UAE followed another proposal from Bahrain, which aims at replacing the sponsor-residence visa system with government issued visa. This I think would be a real improvement!

Cheeky Minx said...

I personally support the idea of opening recruitment offices (whether through the MOL or by the MNCs or other big Dubai-based companies) directly in India or Philippines.

As matters stand currently, recruitment of blue-collar workers is not done directly from Dubai, kid yourselves not. A middle man (based in India) is usually engaged to conduct recruitment in India, and totally exploit the applicants.

The latter have to pay the middle man to secure a job in Dubai, often making debts the equivalent of 2 years salary. When they reach Dubai, they work as hard as slaves to pay back the debt.. Why do you think they put up with the shit that is dished out to them here? It is truly a rotten sysytem.

I don't support the residency cap. I fully support the idea of setting up offices in India and Philippines to recruit blue-collar workers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

*yawn* ........can al kaabi (and his kind) get a life or some sense of practicality in their logic.

B.D. said...

What will happen to the Recruitment Agencies?

Become extinct hopefully.

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