01 October, 2007

facebook is not blocked

Facebook is not blocked at the moment, nor has it been for the past 24 hours.

There are several people consistently commenting on here claiming it is blocked; do you see a block screen? No. Therefore it isn't blocked (this isn't skype we're talking about).

It has been working perfectly fine on my setup and all I can do is suggest you check your settings...

If in Internet Explorer click Tools>internet options and then click the 'connections' tab, and the click the 'lan settings' button.

If "use a proxy server" is enabled, ensure it is proxy1.emirates.net.ae with the port being 8080; if it already is enabled and correctly entered, try disabling the proxy (though some sites may not work properly with it enabled or disabled, etisalat sucks)


fellow atheist said...

I've had some idiot client yell at me because our site had gone through the same problem facebook is going through. I tried to explain that we have not done anything to our webserver and this is all etisalat's proxy..

Every time I see a site go through this, I laugh..

Geoff Pound said...

Thank you for this information. It has given access.

You say that FB is not blocked but access had been denied. Etisalat said this morning that certain pages have been blocked 'at the request of some users'. It is disturbing that they change the access without any information to their 'valued customers.'

Doubleletter said...

dude, fyi there are various ways of blocking sites.

skype.com was blocked the same way for several years.

that said, etisalat has not blocked facebook, it is 'merely' having technical problems

Xalimo said...

LOL. C'on people spare us the hysterics. Facebook is not blocked! I've had problems accessing it yesterday but whatever the problem, it was fixed later on in the night.

Anonymous said...

I followed that recomendation and its now working on my windows laptop. What about my Apple notebook? How do I get it back there?

Blue Banana said...

u can add a proxy on mac os through System Preference -> Network -> choose your connection -> Proxies

Anonymous said...

Guys...wake up...
FB is blocked...don't just fall into the trap of waiting for that red tag "Blocked Site" to realize that!
Breaking down a website is just another technical informal way of blocking the sit in order not to stir up things in the community!
A friend of mine is still accessing it till this minute using httpproxy similar stuff! what does that mean? it means it is actually working....
proxy1...stuff??? forget it, don't waste yr time.

samuraisam said...

Kratos: STFU. The site isn't blocked and Etisalat isn't messing with; Etisalat has been sucking all day (and yesterday) and it takes ages to load certain websites. Some dipshit probably spilt tea all over their routers again or something.

Do you really think Etisalat gives two shits about the community? They'll block anything they want to and when they want to and they don't care what any one of us thinks.

These timing out errors on certain sites have been constantly a problem with Etisalat for at least the past 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Samuraisambabubump: u seem to know alot as if u were the bell-boy or janitor at etisalat?
nice stories though...keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Dude, Are you guys on Drugs or what???

Facebook.com is BLOCKED by etisalat, all my friends using Du and are working in DIC, Overthere Facebook is working Perfectly Fine.

This is the first time that I am entering a website and the browser i taking me to the Google Search results for FACEBOOK.COM

I did all that what Samuraisam asked to do in the Inernet options but still I cannot Access Facebook.

Called Etisalat and their Technical Team did tell me that "IT IS BLOCKED"

They asked me to take my further queries to help@eim.ae.


moryarti said...

Not blocked.. I can access it via my etisalat GPRS connection (it goes thru the same proxy)

ali900 said...

if facebook is blocked yeh - jus LEAVE ETISALAT, join du or something - or move country - which i did ;P

Anonymous said...

but do proxies work???
are there proxies tht work??????

Anonymous said...

if u can access thru GPRS it doesn't mean not blocked my friend!!!!
they don't care abt gprs as few do access from there!


fellow atheist said...

It is unbelievable how many idiots there are. It looks like it wasn't just my client.

Yes, consider it blocked. FB is probably better off with you.


Who's-sane! said...

FB is working just fine now with the settings you provided.

Thanks samuraisam!

EmiratesMac said...

EmiratesMac.com also had problems for a number of hours yesterday, but people outside the UAE told me the site was fine. It was only us here in the Emirates that were affected apparently. So it wasn't just FB ;-)

Lojaine said...

Etisalat had blocked the scripts not the URL itself, nuthing abt sitting, u would be lucky if your browser access it but not til the end of the day.
I have called and complained and and sent an email , they assured it is blocked and they will look into my request.
I work in DIC and facebook in here is just working perfectly.
they even blocked all torrent sites including mininova. com after blocking it , unblocking it . now it is just like facebook timed out.

Oriental Arabesque said...

well..it seems to be working fine now...i didn't change any settings and i was able to access it from home through my DSL connection...it wasn't working for the past couple of days but today it's okay

Anonymous said...

have you heard of anabrowser.com

eWizard said...

There are ways to get around all this crap.. you just need to know how... paying for certain services does help... if you work in DIC try setting up a proxy there and tunnel through it.

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