28 October, 2007

HHIE Survey #2

Following on from the last season, I say to all second generation HHIE Survey participants: let the reworded text messages ring no alarm bells.

"Income and expenditure" levels are always of an evolutionary nature, as you can see with the longer-substituted words within your SMS.

Any concerns regarding the terminology of your text message should be directed to your nearest free-of-cost dictionary, preferably in full view of your accountant.

The idea is that your "income and expenditure" should satisfy the "annual analysis".


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


localexpat said...

what are u on about?

Anonymous said...

Just our regular publicity-craving lass wanting to get in the spots again guys, nothing to lose our sleep over..

Anonymous said...

i*maginate, i tell u again, u are better off answering phones at the rental office
i swear to god

Anonymous said...

News Round-up:

From Telegraph.co.uk:
Britons feel at home in Dubai
"The new white tribe: British expats dominate the media, property development and the financial services"

"The army of Asian labourers provides service 24 hours a day."

"Dubai is using this new tribe along with cheap Asian labour and a sprinkling of celebrities to create a pro-western success story which will not only make it rich but could also, in the process, establish the model of what modern Arabia can be."

"This is the most optimistic, creative and dynamic place on the planet. It's a beacon of hope in a difficult part of the world," he says."

Dubai 'is new rival' to London market
"Richard Ward said underwriters in London — the world's largest insurance market — are facing growing competition as local insurers spring up in Dubai and increasingly underwrite straightforward risks in the area."

Dubai's bold bid to take on the City

"That view is shared by many senior executives working for western financial institutions. Richard Ward, chief executive of Lloyd's of London, believes the City [London] faces serious competition from emerging financial centres such as Dubai to retain its status as the world's preferred reinsurance marketplace."

And in other news:

International Herald Tribune:
Dubai's restive labor force threatens building boom

CNN International:
Bad conditions prompt Dubai strike

Anonymous said...

sadly, some people just dont know when to quit.

iLife said...

WTF dude? i*imaginate, imagine yourself with a life.

Kyle said...

i*maginate - I'm a little lost with this label. What's it about?

i*maginate said...

Hi *Kyle,

I wish I knew what it was about too! You would have needed to receive about 50 text messages from "HHIE Survey" to empathise.

Here are some "concerns" of other HHIE participants:


Look "HHIE Survey" up on the Internet and you may find some cryptic clues as to what it means...get back to me if you find the treasure! :-)

i*maginate said...

In continuation, *kyle, the post is about being a recipient of the first HHIE SMS which didn't make much sense in the first place, and then receiving a 2nd spam msg (HHIE Survey #2) which says the same thing in longer words, which defeats the purpose of a follow-up SMS from a spam company directly/indirectly endorsed by a major telecoms company, which should, hopefully, through the next funded SMS, educate/enlighten us rather than confuse us even more by endorsing the first message in more lost terminology - longer words, less substance, no # to contact for queries.

Kyle said...

i*maginate - I must be one of those unlucky dudes whose lucky cell phone wasn't included in this survey.


i*maginate said...

*Kyle...hehe. The only bulk SMSs I get are from Etisalat and HHIE, and the ocassional poorly worded promotion of a ladieswear sale from some unknown brand taking place at a random hotel.

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