29 October, 2007

India needs to Ask for Help: Planet of the Apes ???

Forget being sensitive. India cannot manage itself. Sure the economy is up but so is poverty, HIV, and environmental damage. If these were the only problems making the news, then maybe I could look passed them. But the fact is, if you cannot manage the wild life in a major urban area, then you probably cannot manage anything.

I saw this story and follow-ups in the news papers in Dubai and then online: http://www.rationalreview.com/content/37290 .
India: Monkeys attack, kill Delhi politician .

Seriously? They say in Delhi that they have no solution and are at the end of their ability to deal with the problem. I read a larger article in Gulf News last week which had actual local leaders admitting that they cannot manage monkeys. They blame religious beliefs for their failure. However, I simply cannot believe that is the only reason, but it is very convenient.

I think India needs to hire someone to start managing their cities. Maybe Singapore? Singapore seems pretty well run. The Japanese might be good at it, but from my experiences there the police are very lazy. They are good at finding evidence but not actually preventing anything.

Countries outsource services all the time, why not city management? I mean city managers in many cities are not elected officials, yet they have power. So that way India can keep its( fairly corrupt??) political system and still be able to improve its cities.

Being serious for one minute: who is helping Delhi and is it really a bad idea to outsource management when MONKEYS have CONQUERED your CITY!

D. Blogger


Anonymous said...

Can we keep this blog for issues related to UAE only !!!!!

Dubai Blogger said...

Are you serious? You are saying people from India are not part of the UAE? That 1/2 the newspaper is dedicated to news from India and Pakistan? This maybe the UAE but I feel the Indian influence here warrants an occasional discussion. I want to know what Indians and other think about something that seems alien to me and is so interesting that it has become a world wide story for the last 10 days now. So I will remove the post and we can talk about people in the UAE, most of whom come from other countries. 10 votes and I will delete the post.

Anonymous said...

Not UAE related .. remove post

Anonymous said...

I for one welcome our monkey overlords.

munky business said...

The point is...who were those monkeys? Who sent the monkeys to kill him? The questions remain.

munky business said...

The point is...who were those monkeys? Who sent the monkeys to kill him? The questions remain.

Dubai Blogger said...

Only 2 people so far....I need 8 more. Anyway it is a valid question.
Just change INDIA to DUBAI and answer the question. Does that work for you ?

Or should I be like the traffic signal posting....and just say...look they have monkeys in India when can we get those?


D. Blogger.

i*maginate said...

DB don't bother responding to the anonymous monkeys. Am sure the admins would let you know if the post is inappropriate.

Abdul said...

D blogger - get a life- maybe you can approach the Indian Govt with ideas on how to get rid of monkeys.

Why not talk about how the Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa yesterday stated that 71 million, which is a quarter of the Arab world’s population is illiterate.

Don't take off the post! But do write more with specific plans advising other world govts on how to deal with wild animals in flats, shops and tiny zoos. Or how perhaps they can set up a call center in India for the
'Order a Crocodile' service available at your local pet shop.

PK said...

dude, iam trying to give you a honest serious perspective.

You must have heard of stereotyping havent you? Eg: movies, news and stuff classify people in the middle east as either either "islamic terrorists" or "crazy rich dumb people"? Not true!

Well, thats what you see in that news report by that BBC UK correspondent in there! Its cool for that chap to do that! Ive lived in that country for some 30 odd years - trust me there are as much or less monkeys on seizing the city as much as camels and kangaroos are taking over dubai or sydney!!

India is a democratic country and unlike any other government system demand supply /entreprenerial criteria drives policy / decision making. Eg: the few guys who run china might decide to go and put up an Airport with 75 gates with just about 5 being used cause they want to project infrastructure and "hot"...but in india- its demand supply - you need to 5 gates, ya we might start with 4 and not waste money that we could use in spending on low cost healthcare for instance!!

So its overall, well rounded development and not exaggerated onse side growth. And think you need to get your facts right about poverty, "environmental Damage!!"

And thanks, we dont need help!

nick said...


What's the huff?

Subsitute 'monkeys' with 'hoodies' and you'll see that even a western democratic country that upholds personal freedom as a worthwile principle runs eventually and sometimes the risk of these freedoms becoming a nuisance to other citizens.

The very fact that there are nuisances as yobs or monkeys show an underlying strength of a pluralist society.

Give me monekys or yobs anyday over squeaky clean Singapore where chewing gum is illegal. WTF???!!!

Khaled-ad said...

when I read UAE Community Blog, I expect to read something related to UAE. Am I right? Correct me please.

Bridget Jones said...

Khaled, I think it would be more reasonable to expect to read what UAE-BASED folks, both locals and expats, think of world events..?

I think we just can't shut ourselves to the rest of the world..

And here come the dragons to slay poor Bridget over her bold attempt at introducing her own brand of humour ha! ;-)

khaled-ad said...

Bridget Jones, If every one wants to bring up a topic on world events,then ,I guess,the name of the blog is a misleading one.

Kyle said...

Khaled-AD - The UAE community comprises of many nationalities, which is what this blog is all about. It’s about a community and stuff that concerns them.

If you have an idea and I’m sure a guy with your intellect has many, so why not put them up here and then we debate.


Emirati said...

The Indian government: The best political comedy since Yes, Minister.

i*maginate said...

Emirati what happen for your blog, why it said "mazda" you not like mircadees?

weer u blog go???

rosh said...

Apologies, am unable to follow thru - monkeys are doing what now? and what is it you are trying to say/ask - partly because it all reads quite bizzare?

re: coverage, Kyle - though I "partly" agree with you, given much coverage of b'wood movie crap in GN/KT these days, am quite tempted to stick with Khaled.

Kyle said...

Rosh - what does GN/KT coverage about movies have to do with my comment and labels here at the UAE Community Blog?

Besides, if anything pisses anybody off, they can just ignore it*. That also includes movies because there's a lot more to life than movies, no?

*except Ann Coulter & Sean Hannity, no seriously!

rosh said...


Because GN/KT/UAECB are inclusive of various UAE (formal/informal) media outlets....and (me) as a reader, receives much info about global events from such outlets, hence personally, would like more discussions on UAE and UAE-ME related issues.

What am about to say, can be quite sensitive, hence shall word quite carefully - personally, I feel, there is much attention to events outside the UAE, than UAE itself. Not saying - media coverage must be focussed solely on UAE issues('cause we might end up like an average American Joe) - however reading GN (tabloid) on-line these days, it reads more of a sub-con news daily, than a UAE newspaper. Point being - yes the country has large expat community, but it's still the UAE.

As a 2nd generation expat, it's a tough call for someone like I - however, I am saying the above, because thru the years, I've sensed UAE related events perhaps pushed to the background and more international events, like this post.......

To add, back in the days (thru to today)GN/KT (ok perhaps not the best journalism) did cover all sorts of substantial global events. So it's not like people were deprived of global events or anything.

"*except Ann Coulter & Sean Hannity, no seriously!"



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