17 October, 2007

French President's wife files for divorce

Before you rally up the troops to shoot me down for contributing an irrelevant post, hold your mighty horses and hear me out ...

Cecilia Sarkozy, French President's wife, is filing for divorce months only after her notorious and powerful husband has been elected by the French people. Whatever the reasons behind the move, what a formidable woman she is to shun the status of president's wife - that so many would covet no matter what!

My (irrelevant?) question is: how many Dubai-based chicks do you know who would dump a rich and famous guy if she either stops loving him (but was love ever part of the equation to start with..!) or if he lets her down (either does not live up to her values, cheats on her, whatever) as opposed to how many would put up with any shit he dishes out as long as he is the cash-cow who buys her armani handbags and cartier jewellery?

And what do you think of the materialistic mindset which is in overdrive mode in Dubai? Please no hypocrisy, go anonymous if you have to, but say the truth! Preferably though, do post in your blog name thanks :)

Irrelevant responses would include : (1) Delusional characters with a misplaced feeling of superioiry telling us how divorce does not happen in their part of the world, wherever that is, (2) indignant lil ladies claiming that Dubai is a holier-than-thou place where no one is materialistic. Just move on to the next post, thank you very much!

We all more or less have something to tell about the material mindset in our blogs (we're possibly one of those chicks ourselves, or amongst the guys who love the type!), let's drag the dirty linen in public and have a field day ha! ;)


Mars said...

personally, i'd dump the guy if i've really had enough, no matter how filthy rich he is. the only time i'd stop to consider is if i've had any children by then, or some really big reason. but i would not stay because i liked my comforts.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Bridget, why are assuming that Cecilia is going to be less rich or famous after she divorces him?
In fact, had it not been for her filing this divorce, I would have heard of her or seen her since the last time she appeared next to her newly elected rooster….after he'd managed to trump the charming Ségolène Royal (well….she can be the subject of another post!)

The bottom line is, she wont be less rich or famous, me thinks, although she might be doing this for entirly personal reasons…..

Lirun said...

agree with dubai jazz..

had never even heard of her until now.. i reckon she is now on the celeb map and shall now receive much more attention as the romantic renegade or whatever other persona the media decides to create for her..

Kyle said...

I'm no fan of the French except for their Brioche & Crullers and the French Quarter in New Orleans.

I think this chick is wrong in filing for a divorce especially when Nicky boy's in office. She could have done that prior to his becoming El-Presidente or waited until he leaves office.

This isn't about her being a formidable woman. It's just the selfishness on her part.

Personally, I think she's a sorry ass bitch, what with the gloomy, no-smile look on her face.

I wonder if this Babe is really a model?

Has anyone seen a smile on her friggin face? I, for sure, haven't!

Say good riddance, Nicky Boy! She's not worth it!

Anonymous said...

This is a bit of a surprise ....

I assumed that they had decided to be a 'political' couple when she trotted off to Libya shortly after hubby was elected. A week or so after she returned Libya released the Bulgraian nurses and Palestinian doctor it had been holding on charges of deliberately giving Libyan children HIV (yeah right!)
So... maybe one trip on the political wife career path was enough. She did get some crtiicism over this too so perhaps she just wants to disappear quietly back into the shops!

Fatima said...

Not to brag, but I wouldn't go for a rich guy to begin with. They're generally assholes & think they can get away with anything. I don't blame them, it is us who encouraged it in the first place.

Ow, & did you check out the latest trend? Guys running after the rich girls! Dubai has turned completely materialistic. Remember what happened to Atlantis??

Bridget Jones said...

I honestly marvel at man's infinite creativity and ability to circumvent the MOST OBVIOUS OF REQUESTS TO STICK TO A SUBJECT and still find a way to digress to his little heart's content!

As much as I itch to post my views on why Cecilia & Sarko's mariage is going down the drains, I'll exercise uncharacteristic restraint and respond only to the relevant responses ha!

(But by all means DubaiJazz, let's start a separate post on Segolene and Cecilia, and while we are at it, why not one on Zidane too, I'm really all for it!:))

Mars, how interesting to see a lady your age taking such a stand, thinking about kids and all! Kewl!

Great point Fatima, is Dubai an Atlantis in the making? When is the mighty flood coming that I may get out of here in time!

No kidding? They want only rich gals now? Oh my, I'll end up at 70 with only my cats for company then ha!

I agree with you, most rich guys are conceited, but in all fairness I've met quite a few who are gentlemen. I think it is a matter of upbringing and personal values, and maybe also how the lady holds herself..? Wat d'ya think?

Anonymous said...

Guys running after rich females!
This the ultimate acheivement for gender equality. Its no longer looks and such unimportant things that matter its only MONEY!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 19 October, 2007 21:48

Agree with you
Women are not equal to men.
They are so much better,in so many things; to love to hold, to dance with.
I cannot understand why you guys want to be like the other.
"Men and Women are not equal to each other.. They are superior to each other"
Who on earth would want girls to be like men or men to be girls... yucks.

SevenSummits said...

Well from my personal experience, I would say that your chances are pretty slim finding one that has “the character” for it. From all the societies, I have seen and worked with, the “Dubai species” is by far the most materialistic one. This is of course only referring to the local minority, because I believe that everyone else that just happened to end up in Dubai cannot really be included in this discussion.
Those that come from developing countries may simply need to survive, those that come from Western nations will not change just because they happen to be in Dubai and those few “rich and/or famous” from all over the world that come for shopping are not really representative.

I am still continuously searching for those praised “cultural, political and moral values of the United Arab Emirates” and damn in case someone should find them, please let me know.
This is not trying to say that Arabs in general do not have values (I really like those diverse Arab subcultures) or generalizing that each and every Emirati fits into this profile, but I can certainly detect a general pattern that could be considered a real turn off. Most of you must have heard it over and over again: family (yeah right), religion (gulp, so like it) – well, guess almost everyone knows what I am talking about and is pretty fed up with those slogans.

But there is no doubt that one thing is definitely worshipped in this country: money!!!!
Along with “authority” of course, but since in this part of the world they usually come together “cash” will do.

Nothing else seems to have “real value”, is disposable, superficial, shallow … and “maintenance” is labeled as a Western evil. Obviously a common characteristic for people that have not ever worked for what they have and are even ready to give up their “rights” for a few handouts.

So it is exactly in this context that you can see the typical female behavior in Dubai. Often legitimized by some bizarre interpretation of Islam or simply attributed to this undefined term of “culture”, women will easily be ready to trade in a mix of “sexual services and reproduction function” to “being taking care off financially”. The option of actually saying no to such practices – which would be perfectly acceptable within the realm of Islamic teachings – and getting a job to take care of themselves does not even seem to be worth considering for a second. You can even read it in the papers: “Working (as in a real competitive job in the private sector) is not in our culture”!
It is all about fashion, make-up, showing off: Marriage Inc - a business relationship or it may easily be called a new form of prostitution.

And the other side – men “surrender” to their function as lifelong cash machines (often blackmailed with kids) and consequently don’t feel committed whatsoever. The “structures of sleaze” are omnipresent. Would anyone blame them? No!

What I noticed is that most of these women are not even appreciative of all those “niceties” that they are receiving from these guys! While the average Western girl is usually indescribably grateful for receiving a gift, no matter how small (a single red rose will work wonders) these women seem to take everything for granted. Almost like they expect something in the first place! No emotions, no compassion – just like the rest of their lifestyle. Or has anyone else seen women anywhere else in the world shopping with such utterly frustrated faces? Maybe emotions and gratefulness will correlate with increasing carats?

But again that does not explain that the majorities of males would rather spend time with their girlfriends – so maybe a little appreciation and compassion is not so bad after all.

Will said...

@ Anon 19 Oct, 22.44

Totally agree. That being said, females are not as romantic nowadays as money-minded!! Bridget raises an interesting question - how many would be wiling to walk away from fame and riches here in Dubai?

Will said...

@ sevensummits

I believe your analysis is biased. Those who are most ready to trade their favours are mainly women from developing/ poor countries - romania, uzbekysta and the likes, philippines etc.. and hello, I know many British and other central European young women who do that as well.

True, quite a few Arab women act similarly, in my analysis coming mainly from Morocco and Lebanon, but many muslim women in Dubai work and support themselves.

I believe you have not analysed the situation objectively sevensummits. Better get ready for the reaction from the muslim crowd here! Which would be rather justified in that case I think.

BuJ said...

very interesting question!

however, i believe that personal life is just that - personal. if the wife wants a divorce then she wants to divorce the husband not the president. their privacy should be respected not debated.

Anonymous said...

A Divorce payoff that Mrs. Sarkozy will receive would probably be a huge amount. Why endure all the responsibilities and stress of a first lady if she can take the money and enjoy it at leisure and do as she pleases. I guess she is justified.

nick said...

The analogy is flawed. For whatever reasons Madame wants out, the average missus here faces entirely different challenges.
In the UAE under normal circumstances a wife would be 'sponsored' by her husband. Meaning, a much greater dependancy on the husband on part of the wife. No hubby, no residence unless she finds a job for herself presto.
Secondly, there is no 'civil' divorce in the sense that arbitration would follow shar'ia law and that's big unknown territory for a western woman who'd think about filing for divorce.

To Nick, with luv said...

Touched a nerve there, did it Nicky boy? The missus is milking you dry eh? Good boy to stand up for her nonetheless, you gonna so score tonite! ;)

Agree with your argument, except what's stopping the big fat lazy western bitches to get jobs once they get here, buy their own gucci and chanel and stop acting like they had an aristocratic life back home?

Ah, the level of intellect is missing to get a good job? Hmmm, another story altogether now, and Bridget wouldn't want us to tackle this here I trust! ;)

SevenSummits said...

@ Will,
please take another look at my comment. I did not say anything about Muslim women, because that would have been irrelevant to the question.

To refresh your memory:
How many Dubai-based chicks do you know who would dump a rich and famous guy if she either stops loving him (but was love ever part of the equation to start with..!) or if he lets her down (either does not live up to her values, cheats on her, whatever) as opposed to how many would put up with any shit he dishes out as long as he is the cash-cow who buys her armani handbags and cartier jewellery?

My answer was quite clear: “Minuscule”.
I excluded all foreigners, especially those from developing countries, because this was not meant to be a discussion about income distribution, poverty or gender issues. Guess what, that actually encompasses the majority of the Muslim populace, so please leave religion out of this post. We are only talking about UAE females – period! (ah, yes and we already know that it is always those Moroccans, Lebanese or Egyptians and everyone else is holier than the Virgin Mary – tell us something new!)

Nick brought it down to the point: It is the choice of either getting 'sponsored' by some hubby or actually finding a job for herself. We may add daddy as an option as well! Now only few Emirati women would actually endure a real working environment (sorry no more time for shopping and gossip) to support themselves to maintain some “dignity”. (at least from a Western point of view!) Of course the other side might find that there is “little dignity” in actually being employed.

I believe that BUJ, while obviously circumventing the real question, made an interesting point. It is this to us strange concept of “personal life” (privacy) – people prefer to remain lying, cheating and living with hedonism, instead of simply admitting that love was not part of the equation in the first place and that you cannot hide all those problems under the excuse of “privacy”. Everything is perfect, as long as the “society” (extended family, neighbors, friends, etc.) believes that things are running smooth. Now, how disgustingly superficial is that – instead of seeing what is best for both partners and their children (so eventually future generations and society), it is the collection of “material assets” to proof an illusion.

The Emirates are certainly not a poor county and nowadays females have (an equally lousy) education as males, so there is the option of choice, but than being a “working girl” wouldn’t look good in society, would it. So rather they will put up with everything that those guys are up to (and I don’t blame them one little bit – after all they are paying for this trade!) and end up with those frustrated faces that we can all witness in the UAE. Ah, but there will always be something or someone to blame: Israel, Martin Amis, the US or simply Western women – something will be found - that is for sure!

Mme Cyn said...

Women throughout time and worldwide have put up with all kinds of crap from their men so that they have financial security. Those of us who are lucky enough to be financially independent have the luxury to out up with it or not -- but not every woman feels she does. Why would Dubai be any worse (or better) than anywhere else?

Bridget Jones said...

7S, ouch girl, I'm afraid there is a misunderstanding w.r.t Dubai-based.. In my books, Dubai-based = Dubai-stationed = living in Dubai. Sorry it led to all this confusion.

In no way did I mean to target the Emirati women. I was referring to women living in Dubai who trade their favours against material comfort, temporary or otherwise, and allow me to differ with you girl, too many expat women do that..

Nick, you are probably right, the analogy is flawed. My mistake.

Truly sorry to see that almost every post here becomes an excuse to criticise cultures/ religions that are different from ours, whichever that is. I meant to address the materialistic disposition prevailing in Dubai with my post, not to criticise any culture or religion.

My personal view of things: respect the traditions and values of the place you choose to live in and respect the people who welcome you in their country or home. I have adopted this philosophy wherever I travelled, and I'm happy to say that as a consequence probably, I have made friends from the West, the East, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, black, white, coloured. I believe I am a better person for knowing them.

Truly sorry I put up this post in the first place. Very likely that it will be my last here.

nick said...

Bridget, don't let this experience put you off.
Face the music. The so-called multiculturalism is one big failed experiment. Segregation and isolation are the results, not integration and convivality.
More than ten years in London and Dubai have taught me that.

We don't live together. We live just next to each other.

At best we can talk to each other via sites like this.

OK, someone like I might get mostly hateful 'responses' - but hey, at least I now have a much better idea of how much the average Ahmed and Mo despises western civilization, thus I have learnt something....

Bridget Jones said...

Nick, thanks for the encouragement to face reality and for your comments. Indeed, at Dubai macro-level, multiculturalism is rather a failure.

Hmm.. call me utopic or naive, but I believe in making a difference at the micro-level. In my everyday interactions with colleagues/ clients, with neighbours at the grocery shop down the street, hopefully with bloggers here. It makes me happy! :)

Yes indeed, I can see the number of hate-messages being traded on this forum. Ouch, i'm afraid this Bridget is not built for a daily dose of cynicism/ anger/hate/insult-trading.

As for your comment; "We don't live together. We live just next to each other. At best we can talk to each other via sites like this" - if I were not so paranoid about my privacy Nick, I'd have enjoyed showing you how things are different in my world :)

I'd suggest not to let the AVERAGE people (from any nationality) get to you. There's good and bad in any people Nick. Plus I don't think it's so much about Middle East people despising the west, but more about them not understanding it and thus feeling overwhelmed by it. Just like westerners are confused by Middle East traditions and values. Give it a thought..

Why not take the best of what the Middle East has to offer, including the good ones amongst its people (and there are)?
As for the rest, I personally choose to live and let live :)

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