11 May, 2009

Amazing Indonesian Photographer Looking for UAE Contacts

Young Indonesian traveler and photographer Agustinus Wibowo is:
...planning to leave afghanistan soon, on the way overland to middle east. i have been to dubai recently, but i m still curious to visit again, to see it from different aspects. therefore, before going to the arab countries, i will first study arabic in damascus.

i am a travel writer, now some books of my travel are going to be published in indonesia. if you have any contacts in the middle east who can help me to see insight of the countries, it will be very much helpful.
Agustinus has been travelling since 2005 through Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tibet, and more, and has captured breathtakingly beautiful images.

His profile is here.
His gallery is here.
His email address is avgustin_photography@yahoo.com.cn

I'm sure he would grateful for any help anyone would like to offer while he's in UAE.


Al-ain Rose said...

Tremakasi for the pics, I enjoyed them.

Stained said...

You can ask him to contact me on stained4ever@gmail.com. I'm a photographer myself and wouldn't mind helping this person in any way possible...

DUBAI JAZZ said...

nice photography

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