19 May, 2009

Man denies woman's claim of stalking her by phone

Link Dubai: An employee has refuted a woman's claim that he threatened to dishonour her amongst her colleagues if she refused to date him and have sex with him, heard a court.

"You do whatever I want and if you want me to leave you alone, stop threatening or phoning you, then you should date me today," the 21-year-old Emirati woman was quoted in her statement to the Public Prosecution about what a 24-year-old Emirati suspect has allegedly told her on the phone.

The suspect, who is on bail, refuted her allegations and pleaded not guilty when he defended himself at the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday.
"No, it didn't happen," argued M.A. when he rejected his charges before Presiding Judge Al Saeed Mohammad Barghout.

The Public Prosecution charged the suspect with threatening to dishonour the woman if she refused to go out and sleep with him.

According to the arraignment sheet, the suspect verbally threatened the claimant by saying "you do whatever I want and if you want me to leave you and to stop threatening you and not to see my phone number then you have to go out with me today otherwise I will dishonour and expose you at your workplace".

The woman testified that she got acquainted to the suspect at the hospital where she works.
"The relation started over the phone& then I rejected his invite for movies and lunch and our relation continued over the phone. He consistently asked me out. A month and a half later, I helped him process his health card which he insisted to collect from me outside work," the woman said. (...)


Anonymous said...


1. I can see this actually happening.

2. I have known girls lie from out their teeth about stuff like this o "get back" at guys.

3. If she is the type who is worried about the morality of speaking to a man on the phone as it's a secret and shouldnt be known... SHE SHOULDNT HAVE BEEN ON THE PHONE IN THE 1st PLACE, let alone MEET the guy outside of work.

She made her choices and now wants do overs? Whats sad is if they had had sex, and she was then antsy, she'd have called rape.

4. You cant blame a guy for trying. LOL.

5. How could you even prove what was said? I'm sure the calls can be proved. They happened, and you can prove the guy was at the hospital, and maybe you can prove (cameras, witnesses) that they met as the girl states.

But how in the world can you prove what was said? Unless she has it recorded? the 40 year old? who is it? Her aunt? her friend? like someone close enugh to hear this on her side would refute what she is claiming.

Very sketchy.

This is so not a case. This is bad comedy.

Abs said...

Unless some SMS messages or E-mails were saved.

Anonymous said...

Abs said...
Unless some SMS messages or E-mails were saved.

Good point.

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