03 May, 2009


No its not a new abuse, though seeing where the origin is, it just might open a whole new door to witty new phrases.
FTTH stands for Fibre-To-The-Home technology. Etisalat's latest offering to provide data, streaming and video services straight to the home with one optic fibre cable.
The boys were in today installing this fancy new thingybob, and it should be up and running in 2 months.
I would be a tad embarrassed to wear something with that on it though!


Glodny Krolik said...

FITH?? I hope you mean FTTH. Or else, I am missing something!

nzm said...

Huh - and there I was thinking that FITH was an acronym for F*cked In The Head.

Anonymous said...

They run around with "VD" on their getups?

No way in hell I'm letting them in my house.

rosh said...

waaahaha!! Kaya you're beyond hilarious!!

kaya said...

With ammendments and apologies.
Try blogging with husband 2 children and a cat asking you questions at the same time.
That and a 40 something in denial and needing to wear her glasses.

hemlock said...

kaya, keep the cat, get rid of everyone else ;)

Anonymous said...

The cat asks questions? Um... when the computer it's self starts speaking to you, then it's time to seek help.

Ful-loving said...

VD= very Dumb

kaya said...

Yes, the cat asks questions. He actually has entire conversations. If you were a cat person you wouldnt even need to ask that.
LOL! Silly boy. Ofcourse the computer is not going to speak to me.

Thats because

The microwave oven can.

kaya said...

@ hemlock
Dont tempt me woman!

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