05 May, 2009

Gulf News TV

I wonder if other bloggers are find some aspects of Gulf News TV annoying. For some reason, when I click on a new GNTV video it just comes up with a blank screen. When I check the archives a few days later, I am able to play the video.

Does anyone have a different experience? Does Gulf News have a view on this?


kaya said...

LOL Buj. If you cant get a "view" you think the genius's @ GN can.
I didnt even know they had Telly.
Its bad enough they print a newspaper.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the latest version of flash, you should be able to see it then.

Jhani said...

i have tried so many times to post their video with their embded code but its not working.. page showing as loading... loading... loading ... thats all. i have sent a request to Gulfnews.com also on their web site but till no response.

BuJassem said...

kaya, you never cease to entertain me :)

btw, i think gulf news should change to a tabloid.. or is that their plan from the start?

i find it hard to take it seriously.. maybe except the business section

Jay said...

I find Gulf News in itself annoying.

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