10 May, 2009

Issa detained

HRW, May 8:
The reported detention of a member of the United Arab Emirates royal family, Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan, in connection with the videotaped torture of an Afghan grain dealer is a significant development, but much more needs to be done to restore faith in the country's police and justice system, Human Rights Watch said today.

UAE officials told American diplomats that the sheikh was put under "house arrest" this week and prevented from leaving the country as the Ministry of Justice conducts a criminal investigation of the incidents on the videotape, ABC News reported today. The government has not released any information about the detention.


Al-ain Rose said...


Anonymous said...

This is the test isn't it? Will the UAE show itself to be a nation of laws or of men? I suspect the latter. Sure, Issa will get a slap on the wrist and he'll pay restitution to his victims but that'll be the end of it. The only thing he'll think he did wrong was taping it. He'll be smarter next time and you won't hear about the next poor grain merchant who gets shot at and run over.

Kyle said...

You know what's really sad? No, not the video depicting the torture, as I believe people have gotten used to watching all the graphic material. What's really sad is that people here in this country have to read and discuss this issue based on feedback from other sources instead of the Nation's stock media reporting on it.

Like Anonymous said today at 19:18, I too don't expect much to come out of this case. Moreover, their description of the next time is appalling to contemplate.

Unfortunately, the more the people in power choose to remain silent and pretend that it never occurred, the lesser their credibility in the long run.

As the saying goes 'big bucks can buy anything but it can never buy respect'.

Amen to that!

Jumana said...

Agree with Kyle.
Not defending what happened, but really, why did it hit the media now, when the video was released in the internet almost a year ago??? why now?
And who's talking, when we have Abu Gharib scandals, Guantanamo...yes he is a sheikh but what he did is a personal behavior that does not reflect the country in any way.
Sad. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Of course it reflects on the country. The authorities - i.e. his family - were fully aware of the issue for 3 years and have done nothing.

Only when there is a possibility the US won't bring their nukes to play do they suggest they are looking into it.

Totally pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The only thing he'll think he did wrong was taping it.

That IS the only thing he did wrong.

Anonymous said...

This is a test for the UAE, and it will most likely not happen under public scrutiny. Was it not for the public outrage and pressure from civil society players and players with economic interest it would not even hit the light of day. Either the UAE will champion from this opportunity or go down the same old fashioned road of usual 'family' justice. What I wonder is what happened with the Afghan national? Did he survive? Where is he today? And would be used in the investigation?

ali900 said...

house arrest? what DOESNT he get?

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