05 May, 2009

Heads Up for Emirates Bank Customers

This weekend, Emirates Bank will be upgrading their computer system to ensure that it talks nicely with the National Bank of Dubai's computers.

As a result, some services will not be available for specific times. This includes ATM use, online and phone banking services and smartBUSINESS.

Further information and timeout periods are listed on the Emirates Bank website.

Oh - and account numbers will change, but shouldn't affect PIN #s, ATM cards, automatic debits and credits, cheque books and post-dated cheques and smartBUSINESS log-in details.

I'm withdrawing enough cash for at least 5 days - just to be safe!


EB customer said...

Yes folks better get prepared!

Anonymous said...

Bah. You bank with a shitty bank, you get shitty service. :-P

Harsha said...

Thank you for the heads up NZM!

need to withdraw enough cash for weekend!

Shouldn't this be in the paper or something.. what about ppl who are not going to read this and rely on their debit card for the weekend? (something I normally do)

Stained said...

I think my Dad got an SMS or something cause he knew about it when I told him....

Harsha said...

just got an sms

Anonymous said...

What an absolute disaster Emirates Bank did not prepare either their customers or themselves for this transitional upgrade and have left many customers totally compromised myself being one traveling abroad at the time of this debacle is the only description that comes to mind.

ATM cards cease to work, responses from emails online fail to get any useful information, online transaction although debited to ones account have not been carried out.

Its a shocking state of affairs which as of to date still has not been resolved.

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