04 May, 2009

And there are more torture videos...

Here as we can see there are more torture videos for Sheikh Issa Bin Zayed emerging from his plantiffs.

The wealthy Gulf prince at the center of a “torture tape” scandal has been accused of attacking at least 25 other people in incidents that have reportedly also been caught on film.
Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al-­Nahyan, half-brother of the man who owns Manchester City football club, is now under investigation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after the shocking tape showed him beating a man with a nailed plank, setting him on fire, attacking him with a cattle prod and running him over.But now lawyers for US businessman Bassam Nabulsi, who smuggled the tape out of the UAE, have written to the justice minister of Abu Dhabi — the most powerful of the emirates that make up the UAE — claiming to have at least two hours of footage showing Issa attacking other victims. “I have more than two hours of video footage showing Sheikh Issa’s involvement in the torture of more than 25 people,” wrote Texas-based lawyer Anthony Buzbee in a letter.The news of more torture videos involving Sheikh Issa is another huge blow to the international image of the UAE. The oil-rich state has been keen to develop relations with the West and to promote an aura of moderation and tolerance. But the shocking video of Sheikh Issa torturing Afghan grain merchant Mohammed Shah Poor, whom Issa said had cheated him in a business deal, has heavily dented the UAE’s reputation. Particularly damaging was the apparent involvement of a policeman in the torture.

Until scum like Issa the torturer (I will not mention Zayeds name in his last name from now on, Issa not being worthy of such a father) are prosecuted, then this country will never be able to call itself a fair country. What exactly allowed him to run amok and go around torturing 25 different people like this ?

Any Emirati who does not fully condemn such a barbarous act is very seriously misguided, this is an act which is performed by a sick depraved individual who brings enormous shame to himself, his country and gives ammunition to those critics who will use this event for years to come to attempt to label the UAE as "just another arab dictatorship".

It is time that Issa the torturer is prosecuted, and with him the so-called "policemen" who are likewise scum for assisting in the torture of a helpless man.

I hope that Nabulsi releases every single video, and I want to see Issa the torturer behind bars.


Anonymous said...

Any Emirati who does not fully condemn such a barbarous act is very seriously misguided.

Again with the if you dont agree with me you are a poopyhead.

I like the videos actually Might start filming my own.

Amazing Susan said...

Torture must not be condoned or forgiven under any circumstances; it's shameful behaviour no matter where it occurs.

Proud Emirati said...

security guard, not a policeman !

Anonymous said...

@PE how do you claim that?

Proud Emirati said...

Because I saw the video and the so called cop doesn't wear anything like police uniform I know in the UAE.

samuraisam said...

Proud emirati: Look here(no violence shown in picture)
That is a still from the video.
Look very much like any police officer I've seen in AD.

Anonymous said...

PE is proof why this country may never heal. Instead of thinking rationally, he is busy making up excuses in an unnecessary display of vanity. Sad.

samuraisam said...

Also notice the writing on the back of the van that says "POLICE" and the police insignia matches that from the Abu Dhabi police website.

Proud Emirati said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Proud Emirati said...

Samuraisam, I take it back if this was really in the video. The video I saw had a security guard not a cop like the one in this pic

Anonymous 11:46, I don't think that it will heal with such statement either and with ur behavior it should become more aggressive toward stupid people who don't know what they are talking about like urself. You don't even know what I was referring to.

who is said...

Such a shame to the family name - 30 years of light and one guy like this just wasting all that credibility away. I hope the royals take care of this behind closed doors.

Anonymous said...

Amazing Susan said...
Torture must not be condoned or forgiven under any circumstances; it's shameful behaviour no matter where it occurs.


There you go again basically ordering people to think like you do. That is your OPINION. and your opinion is worth as much as mine is in this matter, not much.

Guess what. I think torture is a viable way to get things done. And I applaud Sh. Eissa for what he did! rest assured, no one will be stealing from him again.

ON the other hand. if people got their hands chopped off for theft, people would probably be less likely to do it.

Notice I said PROBABLY and wasnt an egotistical as you to say IS.

Paraglider said...

@ who is - {I hope the royals take care of this behind closed doors.}
There are too many closed doors. This should be a public prosecution.

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