04 May, 2009

Who wants to be Paris' Dubai BFF?

According to an Al Arabiya report, Paris Hilton is looking for a friend in our very own Dubai:

"She's going to come here to Dubai and shoot the whole thing from here"
Ziad Battal, Dubai TV executive, adding the show would have to be compatible with cultural sensitivities as the socialite is known for her wild partying.

I'm very curious is how they will make it 'culturally sensitive'. Perhaps they can see who can out-shop one another. And is anyone here interested in becoming her BFF?

(Sorry, only girls and gays can apply)


kaya said...

Her "wild partying" may just pale in comparision.

I think her ideal BFF would be Sunny Varkey. They share so much in common.

rosh said...

"I think her ideal BFF would be Sunny Varkey"

Spot On Kaya! Sleaze & Scum have much in common.

Kyle said...

Bad choice, this tramp of a chick.

Christy Turlington-Burns - now she's got class.

Anonymous said...

They're sure to shoot some scenes at 400 ;)

Anonymous said...

So it's still ok to put this glorified porn actress on TV in the UAE while the only interesting stunt she ever did in front of a camera is banned by the TRA. Logic..

Al-ain Rose said...

I hear that a mental hospital in Dubai will provid the contestants to fight for her.

Anonymoose said...

Cool, where do we sign up?

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