25 May, 2009

Breaking News FAIL

Someone died in front of Choitram's on Al Wasl road Friday night, and the body was still lying on the road when I stopped by. There was nothing in the newspapers in the next two days, and according to Choitram's staff, it was a hit-and-run. 

Today I see this piece of 'investigative' journalism in GN.

[...] These words were posted on the social networking website Facebook in memory of Gloria, a young pupil who was killed in a car accident on Friday... the 13-year-old () was hit by a car while crossing Al Wasl street.
According to (Major Khalid Kensham, director of accident assessment at the traffic department of Dubai Police) the accident was not a hit and run as stated by some posts online. He said that the Arab man driving the vehicle was held by Dubai Police.

Next time you want to see real news, please log on to facebook, because the only information GN can give you is what has either already been published through online media, or they can quote poetry from the victim's friends.

I pray the child's soul rests in peace; and that her family have the strength to bear this loss.
Let's also light vigils for UAE's media. 


Kyle said...

Gloria; what a beautiful name.

Here's hoping she rests in peace.


P.S.: Gulf News is a rag; was & always will be!

Anonymous said...

Will miss you Gloria.

Anonymous said...

I know this girl. She talked to my wife frequently as we lived near her and she was always out an about. What a tragedy, though her personal life at home was short of pleasant from the things she said.

I certainly hope that she is happier where she is now.

Really is unbelievable...

If anyone has the Facebook info can you email me on passnhuck@yahoo.com? I will look when off the work network. It would be nice to leave our thoughts as well on the page.

Media Junkie said...


G to tha T said...


BuJassem said...

it is so frigging annoying this GN newspaper. better to use the paper to print something useful. it's sad that they mess up when reporting on someone's life.. i was pissed off about them very recently as shown here:

http://uaecommunity.blogspot.com/2009/05/investors-are-attracted-by-returns-gn.htmlmay that girl's soul rest in peace.

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